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We Really Need to Stop Assuming Healthy Food Is More Expensive
Researchers say not only are we less likely to believe that affordable foods could be healthy, but we also assume health claims on expensive foods are more trustworthy.... READ ON
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8 Expert-Approved Time Management Tips
Presented by Florida Tech.... READ ON
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When It Comes to Gift-Giving, the Thought Doesn't Matter After All
Don't feel bad about selecting a gift that isn't surprising, novel, or unique.... READ ON
15 Positively Reinforcing Facts About B.F. Skinner
He's responsible for the term "positive reinforcement." He also taught pigeons to play ping pong—for science.... READ ON
15 Psychological Conditions Named After Literary Characters
Shakespearian and fairy tale characters have a wealth of complexes and syndromes named after them.... READ ON
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Why Retail Therapy Feels Good, But Won't Make You Happier in the Long Run
The high you get from buying something can be self-reinforcing.... READ ON
This Is Your Brain on Puns
Full pun-derstanding relies on both sides of the brain.... READ ON
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Learn to Say No by Using 'Don’t' Instead of 'Can’t'
Whatever the temptation is, saying "I don't" can empower you to stay true to your goals.... READ ON
Young Toddlers Know When You’re Lying, Say Scientists
Time for a new parenting strategy.... READ ON
Crying When We're Happy May Help Us Regulate Our Emotions
Some good news for those of us who sob during cheesy commercials.... READ ON
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Creative Activities Like Baking and Knitting Boost Mental Well-Being
Research shows that the "flourishing" effect extends to the next day.... READ ON
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5 Ways to Express Your Gratitude (and Reap its Benefits) This Thanksgiving
Studies show that taking stock of the good things in your life can increase your well-being.... READ ON
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7 Morning Habits That Can Affect Your Entire Day
Set the right tone for the rest of the day by following these expert-approved tips.... READ ON
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4 Expert-Approved Ways to Cope With Your Financial Anxiety
Studies show that people with high levels of debt are more prone to stress and depressive symptoms.... READ ON
Just How Logical Are You? Try This Test
Don’t feel bad if you fail; in one study, 90 percent of subjects got it wrong.... READ ON
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Happier Schools Produce Better Grades, Research Finds
Positive school climates are better for students in more ways than one.... READ ON

In a 1917 letter to Winston Churchill, Admiral John Fisher wrote, "I hear that a new order of Knighthood is on the tapis— O.M.G. (Oh! My God!)"

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