The Hidden Room Behind Mount Rushmore
Just behind Lincoln's hairline sits a massive chamber. What's inside may never be seen by human eyes again.... READ ON
The Top-Secret Inauguration of Rutherford B. Hayes
The March 5, 1877 inauguration of Hayes was merely for show. Though the public didn't know it, he was already their president.... READ ON
Big Question
Did William Henry Harrison Really Die of Pneumonia?
People are still torn over the belief that the ninth president died of pneumonia after not wearing a coat to his inauguration.... READ ON
The Presidents
35 Fascinating Facts About Presidential Inaugurations Past
From drunk VPs to poisoned pigeons, anything can happen on Inauguration Day—and often does.... READ ON
Watch 112-Year-Old Footage of Teddy Roosevelt's Presidential Inauguration
Times change, but the pomp and circumstance stays the same.... READ ON
86 Books Barack Obama Has Recommended During His Presidency
This list should last you until our nation's next Inauguration Day.... READ ON
A Brief History of Presidential Libraries
The modern presidential library is more than a roadside attraction.... READ ON
The Presidents
30 Presidential Nicknames—Explained!
From Old Granny to Uncle Jumbo, His Accidency to Grandfather's Hat.... READ ON
Lincoln Turned Down a Chance to Fill the U.S. With Elephants
We blew it.... READ ON
Big Question
How Many Electoral Votes Did George Washington Have?
Our first president can also claim the only unanimous electoral college wins in history.... READ ON
The Christmas Eve Fire That Destroyed the West Wing
Herbert Hoover's first year in office had already gone worse than anyone could have expected—and then the West Wing burned down.... READ ON
The Presidents
Benjamin Harrison and the White House's First Christmas Tree
The Presidents
All the Presidents' Menus: What First Families Eat on Christmas
Washington really knew how to throw a dinner party.... READ ON
When Richard Nixon Wanted to be a Rapper
Yes, that Richard Nixon.... READ ON
The Presidents
All the Presidents' Pardoned Turkeys
The turkeys pardoned this year are named "Tater" and "Tot."... READ ON
Big Question
Can the Electoral College Reverse the Results of an Election?

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