Shower Behind a Curtain of Sea Monsters From Renaissance Maps
You may develop a sudden fear of deep waters.... READ ON
Why Don't We Ride Zebras Like Horses?
Why didn't humans tame zebras and ride them across the savanna?... READ ON
Seagulls in Namibia Are Attacking Baby Seals
Lots of beach-goers find seagulls annoying, but usually the only harm they do is snatching away poorly-guarded snacks. On one particular beach, though, scientists have found that some gulls have a much more aggressive and grisly way of getting their meals.... READ ON
These Flies Go Headhunting for Dinner
Pitcher Plants Catch More Bugs When Their Traps Take Time Off
Saving A Snake in Disguise
Adorable Primate Does an Impressive Impression of a Cobra
Extinct Snakes Lead to Better Fakes
In North Carolina, a scientist finds snakes dressed as their long-gone neighbors.... READ ON
These Baby Birds Puke on Predators with Third-Hand Weapons
When Eurasian rollers feed their babies grasshoppers, centipedes, and other insects, the chicks aren’t just getting the nutrition they need to grow—they’re getting an arsenal.... READ ON
These Spiders Use Unlikely Bodyguards
Many ant species are territorial and aggressive. That maybe wouldn’t be so bad if ants were loners, but they tend to stick together in groups, sometimes tens of thousands strong. If you’re a bigger, tougher animal that eats ants, or one that stays safe by mimicking them, or makes your living as an ant parasite, those numbers are great. They make it that much easier to prey on them or blend in with a group.... READ ON
Some Spiders Can Eat Bats

The melting temperature of bubble gum is 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

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