The Men Who Volunteered to Be Poisoned by the Government
In 1902, 12 men agreed to take low doses of poison in order to test their efficacy as food preservatives. No one died. Basically.... READ ON
Sea Slugs Store the Toxins They Eat to Poison Their Enemies
They can survive eating the toxic Latrunculin A, but their predators may not.... READ ON
Miss Cellania
12 Female Poisoners Who Killed With Arsenic
For these women, arsenic was their poison of choice.... READ ON
The Agatha Christie Novel Linked to Real Murders
Graham Young used an obscure poison called thallium to kill. Did he take inspiration from a Christie novel?... READ ON
Big Question
What the Difference Between Venom and Poison?
It’s all about how it enters the body.... READ ON
Longer Jellyfish Stingers Inflict More Pain, Study Says 
The deeper the sting, the more intense the pain.... READ ON
When Work Drives You Mad: Tales From the Deadly "Loony Gas" Building
Work driving you crazy? Try telling that to workers at Standard Oil Refinery's TEL facility.... READ ON
Weird Science
The People Who Drink Arsenic (But Are Totally Fine)
The villagers of San Antonio de los Cobres drink arsenic-contaminated water—and suffer no ill effects.... READ ON
The Poison Garden of Alnwick Castle
From ricin and strychnine to coca, the Poison Garden is full of things people shouldn’t even smell, let alone touch or eat.... READ ON
Strange Geographies
India's Terrifying, Toxic Tree
It sounds like something out of a Grimms fairy tale. But the so-called "suicide tree" of India isn't fiction.... READ ON
Weird Science
Killer Snail Hunts with Weaponized Insulin
Snake Moms-To-Be Seek Out Toxic Prey
Big Question
Why Is It So Easy to Slip Someone Antifreeze?
The most recent Annual Report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers counted 6241 unintentional ethylene glycol poisonings in 2011. Why don’t any of these people realize they’re eating poison?... READ ON
Painting Frogs, Licking Wounds & Other Adventures with Poisonous Animals
There are plenty of intrepid scientists doing strange-sounding field work. Here are two.... READ ON

Olympus Mons is the tallest volcanic mountain in our solar system. It is 14 miles in height!

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