Famous Giant Sequoia Topples in California Storm
The giant tree had a tunnel big enough to drive through.... READ ON
Big Question
Why Is Holly a Symbol of Christmas?
The fact that it’s alive is a big point in its favor.... READ ON
Big Question
Why Are Poinsettias Associated with Christmas?
Short answer: Bob Hope and brilliant marketing.... READ ON
These Clever Jewels Help You Become a Walking Garden
Customizable jewelry for nature lovers.... READ ON
Beware of Buying "Aloe Vera" That Contains No Aloe Vera
New lab tests find that "aloe vera" gels sold by major retailers don't contain chemical traces of the plant.... READ ON
The Dangerous and Highly Competitive World of Victorian Orchid Hunting
The quest for orchids once involved fierce rivalries, huge sums of money, and several grisly deaths.... READ ON
Plant Can Transmit Light to Its Roots, Study Reports
Plant stems act like fiber-optic cables running light down to underground roots.... READ ON
New Law Aims to Transform Paris Into an Urban Jungle
Citizens are encouraged to grow gardens on walls, fences, and rooftops.... READ ON
A Retired Teacher Built a Scale Map of China in His Backyard
Cai Mingxing used shrubs and tiles to create a masterpiece of terrestrial cartography.... READ ON
NASA Research Says These Are the Best Air-Purifying Plants
It's time for a shopping spree at your local nursery.... READ ON
A New Theory Could Explain the Role of California’s Albino Redwoods
Why some redwood forests include white trees has been a mystery for 150 years.... READ ON
West Michigan Is Home to a Giant Lavender Labyrinth
It takes about an hour to amble to the center of the maze.... READ ON
A Living Wall of Plants Purifies New York’s New Emergency Call Center
Hydroponic plants will provide fresh air in case of a disaster.... READ ON
Fig Pollination Is Incredible (And Probably Results In You Eating Mummified Wasps)
The fruit and its wasp have been evolving together for millions of years.... READ ON
Live Smarter
Want to Breathe Easier Indoors? Get These Houseplants
New research finds that some plants are better than others at cleaning the air.... READ ON
Europe’s Oldest Living Resident Is This Pine Tree in Greece
It dates back to the Viking Age.... READ ON

Furbies were banned by the NSA because it was feared that they may repeat national security secrets.

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