Air New Zealand's London Pop-Up Restaurant Only Sells Airplane Food
This Is How We Fly serves up cuisine that's typically reserved for the friendly skies.... READ ON
AeroMobil's Flying Car Could Land This Year
The future is here.... READ ON
Airplane Turbulence Could Get Much Worse in Coming Decades
A New Plane Seat Could Make the Middle Spot the Roomiest
The design would also make boarding faster.... READ ON
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The Best Time to Buy a Plane Ticket
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Why Are Airplane Windows Round?
Believe it or not, the shape of the window is a matter of life and death.... READ ON
Comparing Coach-Class Legroom Across Airlines
JetBlue may feel cramped, but it's super roomy compared to other airlines.... READ ON
Chicago’s Midway Airport Now Has a Bathroom Just for Pets
Airports are now required to have pet relief areas, making doggie pit stops a more common sight in terminals.... READ ON
Baby Born on International Flight Gets 1 Million Airline Miles
The quickest way to get free airline points? Have a baby onboard.... READ ON
The Woman Who Might Have Been D.B. Cooper
The only unsolved skyjacking case in history might have been pulled off by a woman.... READ ON
The @AskTSA Twitter Account Will Answer Pretty Much Anything
The airport security agency's account can advise you on traveling with liquids, animals, and mummified remains.... READ ON
Incredible Mushroom Cloud Appears in Phoenix Thunderstorm
The weather phenomenon is called a microburst.... READ ON
The FBI Officially Closes the D.B. Cooper Case
The infamous skyjacker is no longer wanted, dead or alive.... READ ON
Cold War, Cold Beers: How an Abandoned Iran-Contra Plane Ended up a Bar in Costa Rica
It's a historical relic from one of the biggest scandals in U.S. history.... READ ON
How a Plane Crash Survivor Got His Wallet Back—More Than 30 Years Later
In 2005, an explorer uncovered belongings that Eduardo Strauch lost in a deadly 1972 plane crash in the Andes.... READ ON
An Animated Look at How All the World’s Airports Are Connected
This could be a whole new way to think about your summer travel plans.... READ ON

It took three people to compose “The Hokey Pokey." Roland Lawrence “Larry” LaPrise, Charles Macack, and Taft Baker wrote the tune in 1949 to entertain tired skiers at nightclubs in Sun Valley, Idaho.

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