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7 Historic Beaches Worth a Visit on the U.S. Virgin Islands
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What’s the Difference Between a Pirate and a Buccaneer?
Four hundred years ago, if you were a seafaring thief, the label that you received said a great deal—mainly about whoever it was doing the labeling.... READ ON
Score a Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut by Talking Like a Pirate
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6 Unexpected Island Namesakes
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You Can Live Like a Pirate for Less Than $2 Million
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16th Century Skeleton Found Under a Playground
A Scottish primary school was built over the unmarked grave of a man who was likely executed near the Newhaven harbor in the 16th century.... READ ON
10 Misconceptions About Pirates
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Tracking the Origins of 7 Pirate Stereotypes
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14 Swashbuckling Facts About Treasure Island
This coming-of-age story featuring swaggering pirates, sea battles, and a quest for buried treasure is one of the most enduring adventure tales of all time.... READ ON
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Did Pirates Really Make People Walk the Plank?
Miss Cellania
How to Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day
11 Rules from an Actual Pirate Code
Some might seem remarkably progressive to modern readers, while others definitely won’t.... READ ON
17 Swashbuckling Facts About Talk Like A Pirate Day
Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! Let’s hoist the Jolly Roger, break out the rum, and look back at the holiday’s timber-shivering history.... READ ON
14 Awesome Ice Cube Trays
It might be hip to be square, but when it comes to ice cubes, it’s way cooler to think outside the cube. Aside from providing something unique to add to any drink, these 14 great ice cube tray varieties are also a great way to really geek up any nerdy cocktail.... READ ON

Both James Madison and Alexander Hamilton helped George Washington write his famous Farewell Address.

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