Milner Library Is Digitizing the Colorful History of the Circus
As Big Top shows become scarce, this Illinois State University library is on a mission to preserve the legacy of traveling circus performers.... READ ON
A Newly Discovered Photo of Harriet Tubman Is Up for Auction
It shows a younger version of the abolitionist than we typically see.... READ ON
Bleak and Stunning Photos of Abandoned Shopping Malls
Photographer Seph Lawless snapped these pictures inside two abandoned Ohio shopping malls. His work captures both the beauty and the melancholy of these modern ruins before they were demolished.... READ ON
Wander the Virtual Halls of One of the World's Largest Prison Museums
Denmark's Horsen State Prison closed in 2006.... READ ON
The Time a Scotsman Played Bagpipes for a Penguin in Antarctica
Gilbert Kerr donned full Highland dress in the Antarctic cold.... READ ON
Behind the Scenes With a Storm-Chasing Photographer
A lake in Venezuela sees 1.2 million lightning strikes every year, and Jonas Piontek is there to capture them.... READ ON
New Social Media Photo Sharing App Is Just for Foodies
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a photo of your breakfast can be so much more.... READ ON
A Crochet Carousel Turns an Art Exhibition Into a Playground
The crochet artist Olek crafts a merry-go-round in Germany.... READ ON
Welcome to Wigtown: A Photo Tour of Scotland's National Book Town
This tiny Scottish town is every bibliophile's dream.... READ ON
11 Dorm Rooms That Make College Life Look Glamorous
Dorm decorating gets competitive at some colleges.... READ ON
Artist Transforms Black Mourning Dress Into Dead Sea Salt-Covered Creation
Israeli photographer Sigalit Landau submerged the gown in the Dead Sea for three months.... READ ON
Cat Photographer's Work Celebrates the Massive Maine Coon
Take an up-close look at one of the world's largest domesticated cat breeds.... READ ON
13 Vintage Photos of Big Cats for International Cat Day
Happy International Cat Day! Get your feline fix with these vintage photos of big cats in action.... READ ON
Take a Peek Inside the World's Largest Santa Convention
Every year, Branson, Missouri plays host to hundreds of sweaty Santas looking to bolster their business.... READ ON
Elderly Couple Poses for Their First Wedding Photos 
The photo shoot honored their 80th anniversary.... READ ON
Incredible Mushroom Cloud Appears in Phoenix Thunderstorm
The weather phenomenon is called a microburst.... READ ON

The dog who played Spuds Mackenzie in the Bud Light commercials was actually a female named Honey Tree Evil Eye.

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