Facebook Censors Image of Nude Neptune Statue
Make sure your favorite deities are wearing pants before you post a picture of them.... READ ON
The Most Instagrammed Places of 2016
If you snapped a selfie at Disney World this year, you’re not alone.... READ ON
Wilson A. Bentley: The Man Who Photographed Snowflakes
His research is credited with establishing the theory that no two snowflakes are alike.... READ ON
The Time a Scotsman Played Bagpipes for a Penguin in Antarctica
Gilbert Kerr donned full Highland dress in the Antarctic cold.... READ ON
Pretty Pictures
Take a Look at Images of Ordinary Objects Cut in Half
What does the inside of a camera look like?... READ ON
Behind the Scenes With a Storm-Chasing Photographer
A lake in Venezuela sees 1.2 million lightning strikes every year, and Jonas Piontek is there to capture them.... READ ON
On This Day in 1948, the First Polaroid Camera Was Sold
It would cost $900 in today's dollars.... READ ON
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Apple Is Releasing a Coffee Table Book of Its Gadgets
It will run you $300.... READ ON
A Visit With Doctor Laser: New York’s Resident Holographer
An established pioneer in the field offers a peek inside his colorful laboratory.... READ ON
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Century-Old Photos From Some of the Nation's Prettiest Cemeteries
Mossy oaks, crumbling tombs, and George Washington's grave.... READ ON
Kodak Debuts a Smartphone for Photography Nerds
The Kodak Ektra phone is a camera first and foremost.... READ ON
11 Secrets of Wildlife Photographers
Learn to think like an animal.... READ ON
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The Inside of This Iranian Mosque Looks Like it Belongs in Emerald City
Shāh Chérāgh is decorated with shards of glass and mirrors.... READ ON
Polaroid Introduces Instant, Touchscreen Franken-Camera
The company's signature print-on-demand camera has entered the 21st century.... READ ON
You Can Turn Your Deleted Food Photos Into Real Meals for the Hungry
Clean out your Instagram library for a good cause.... READ ON
You Can Now Save Your Photo Edits as Drafts on Instagram
And you don’t need to update the app to activate the new feature.... READ ON

To remove chewing gum that’s gotten stuck to your clothes, put the item of clothing in the freezer. Once frozen, you’ll be able to remove the gum in one piece.

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