Heroic Pet Store Employee Builds ‘Wheelchair’ to Keep a Goldfish Afloat
A swim bladder disorder was keeping the fish from swimming upright.... READ ON
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8 Heartwarming Animal Retirement Homes
These specialized shelters make sure that no pet goes unloved.... READ ON
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15 Fabulous and Famous Internet Pigs
Happy National Pig Day!... READ ON
UK Brewery Offers Employees 'Paw-ternity' Leave for New Puppy Owners
Helping a new canine family member adjust to life at home can be tough, so one Scottish brewery is giving its employees time off to hang with their puppies.... READ ON
Science Explains Why Your Lab Is Always Hungry
A gene variant associated with appetite and obesity has been found in several Labrador retriever breeds.... READ ON
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10 Animal Retirement Homes
A few places give care, protection, and love to animals no one else wants.... READ ON
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How to Keep Your Pet Safe This Thanksgiving
Go ahead and let Fido or Fluffy join in the celebrations, but follow these dos and don'ts to keep your pet safe.... READ ON
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Dog Owners Say Their Canine Pals Make Them a Better Person
According to a new survey, owning a pooch can inspire you to be happier, healthier, and more loving.... READ ON
Kittens Can Recognize Mother's Voice, Study Finds
Kittens will grow alert at the sound of their mother's chirps and purrs. They'll probably still ignore you, though.... READ ON
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16 Adorable Halloween Costumes for Non-Traditional Pets
Everyone can dress up for Halloween—even snakes!... READ ON
13 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Dog Walkers
It's not always a walk in the park.... READ ON
Your Dog's Interest in You Might Be Genetic
Beagles who sought out human interaction in a laboratory study showed more activation in certain genomic regions.... READ ON
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15 Amazing Animal Reunions
If these long-lost animals could talk, they’d have quite a story to tell.... READ ON
In This iPhone Game, Your Main Task Is to Pet Animals' Fur
I Love Fur is oddly soothing.... READ ON
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What You Should Know About Pet Health Insurance
Is comprehensive puppy coverage worth the expense?... READ ON
Introducing KitNipBox, the Cat Lover's Version of BarkBox 
The subscription service delivers a monthly package filled with kitty goodies to your doorstep.... READ ON

Henry Ford was a proponent of hiring the handicapped. In 1919, more than 20% of his workforce had some form of disability.

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