7 Parenting Superstitions From Around the World
Would you ask a sumo wrestler to make your baby cry?... READ ON
Study Suggests Disney Princess Culture Is Harmful for Little Girls
It's not realistic for parents to institute a ban on princesses, but there are ways to mitigate the damage.... READ ON
Adult-Sized Stroller Lets Parents Strap In for a Test Ride
Finding someone to push them around is a different story.... READ ON
Live Smarter
10 Tips for Lending (or Borrowing) Money
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The Extraordinarily (and Impossibly?) Fertile Mrs. Feodor Vassilyev
Could one woman really have birthed 69 children?... READ ON
The Amazing Infant Brain
3. Birth to age 3 sees the fastest rate of brain development in the entire human lifespan.... READ ON
10 Things Banned in Other Countries, but Legal in the U.S.
Babies Are Trying to Manipulate You Into Smiling at Them
Babies, so conniving!... READ ON
Changing Parenting Attitudes, as Seen Through New Yorker Cartoons
A pair of sociologists trace changing attitudes about having children through the humor of 81 years of cartoons in the magazine.... READ ON
Countering Anti-Vaccination Beliefs May Be About Fear, Not Science
Telling parents how safe vaccinations are isn’t as effective as telling them how dangerous the measles can be, a new study finds.... READ ON
47 Years of American Parents' Daily Routines
Autocomplete Results for Kids of Every Age
How do people view kids of different ages? Kyle Sulerud is the father of a one-week-old baby boy, and he turned to Google to see his parenting future.... READ ON

Thomas Jefferson wrote parts of the Declaration of Independence in a Philadelphia tavern.

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