New Study Finds No Link Between Childhood Cat Ownership and Psychosis
Contrary to prior reports, the new study found that living with a cat before birth or in childhood did not increase adolescents’ risk of experiencing psychotic episodes.... READ ON
The Devious Strategy of the Mind-Controlling Cat-Poop Parasite
Scientists say Toxoplasma gondii can hack into and rewire a host’s immune system to suit its own purposes.... READ ON
A Fish Parasite May Have Compromised Decades of Behavioral Experiments
Researchers say the behavior of zebrafish, long used as a proxy for humans, is significantly altered by infection with a common parasite.... READ ON
How Tomatoes Fend Off Parasitic Vines
This tomato plant can sense and defend itself against invading plants.... READ ON
Guinea Worm Disease May Soon Be Eradicated
It would be the second human disease after small pox to be eliminated.... READ ON
14 Surprising Truths About Tapeworms
Yes, they're disgusting—but they're also fascinating.... READ ON
Live Smarter
Traveling? Protect Yourself from Hotel Bedbugs With These Tricks
Here's what you can do to keep the little bloodsuckers from following you home.... READ ON
Parasitic Worms May Keep Inflammatory Bowel Disease at Bay
Helminth infection changes the balance of bacteria in a person’s gut, overpowering the bacteria that cause IBD.... READ ON
America's National Parasite Collection Is Getting Spruced Up
The collection dates back to 1892 and contains around 20 million specimens.... READ ON
Modern Problems
Vikings’ Parasites May Have Led to Lung Problems in Their Modern Descendants
Scientists say parasitic worms in the guts of Vikings may have made their modern descendants more vulnerable to lung issues.... READ ON
10 Juicy Facts About Leeches
They're just misunderstood worms.... READ ON
Ticks' DNA Data May Someday Help Us Control Them
For such a small animal, the deer tick has a genome that was surprisingly hard to unravel.... READ ON
Many American Deer Have Malaria Parasites
Up to 25 percent of white-tailed deer living in Virginia and West Virginia sites were infected.... READ ON
Scientists Decode Bedbug Genome, and It Explains Why They’re So Hard to Kill
Pesticide resistance, efficient food processing, and self-defense are built right into the pest’s genes.... READ ON
Lyme Disease-Spreading Ticks Now in Almost Half of U.S. Counties
It's been nearly 20 years since the last study on the distribution of disease-carrying ticks.... READ ON
Scientists Suggest Checking Your Chickens for Fleas
A study of backyard chickens in California found infection with fleas, mites, and lice was common among cage-free birds.... READ ON

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