5 Fast Facts About Nancy Kerrigan
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What Happens to Usain Bolt's Stripped Olympic Medal?
When an athlete loses a gold medal, do they actually have to give it back?... READ ON
Olympian Publicly Thanks First Grader for Returning Stolen Gold Medal
Being a Good Samaritan pays off.... READ ON
Kenyan Olympian Claims Gold, Wins Electricity for Her Village
Faith Kipyegon's family can finally watch her race.... READ ON
Japan's 2020 Olympics Will Make Medals From Smartphones
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Why Do Olympic Swimmers Wear Two Caps?
There's a reason why two caps are better than one.... READ ON
The Fourth Type of Olympic Medal and 5 People Who Have Won It
The Pierre de Coubertin medal, named after the founder of the modern Olympics, is given to athletes and other people within the sporting industry who epitomize good sportsmanship or particularly noteworthy contributions to the Olympic Games.... READ ON
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How Much Are Olympians Taxed on Their Medals?
Athletes aren't the only ones who like to take a bite out of their medals.... READ ON
World-Class Chefs Are Using Olympic Village Leftovers to Feed the Hungry
The chef behind the world's best restaurant has found a way to give back.... READ ON
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What Are Those Screens in the Olympic Swimming Pools?
They look like underwater TV screens. They aren't.... READ ON
Olympic Skateboarding in 2020 Raises Concerns Over Drug Testing
Tas Pappas shared why he thinks skateboarding and the Olympics won't mix.... READ ON
The Day Jobs of 15 Olympic Athletes
Even sports stars have to pay the bills.... READ ON
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Why Do Some Olympic Athletes Wear Paper Numbers?
Here's a hint: it involves many millions of dollars.... READ ON
Why They Stopped Using Real Pistols to Start Olympic Races
Before flying out of the starting blocks—and ultimately taking Olympic gold in the 100-meter race for the third time—Jamaica's Usain Bolt was met not with the fire of a pistol, but a noise triggered by an electronic gun.... READ ON

Graphene, a two-dimensional material the size of DNA strands, is being developed into efficient and hyper-small replacements for silicon to be used in computers and other electronics.

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