Scientists Record an Extremely Intimate Look at How Dolphins Get It On
Researchers used a CT scanner to watch how dolphins' oddly shaped junk fits together during sex.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
The Deepest Shipwreck Ever Found
We are only just beginning to find ways to explore the deepest trenches.... READ ON
Claw-Snapping "Sonic Shrimp" Named After Pink Floyd
With the ability to produce 210 decibels, Synalpheus pinkfloydi is a shrimp that could land a recording contract.... READ ON
Croatian Winery Ages Its Beverages at the Bottom of a Bay
The final product looks like something pulled from a shipwreck.... READ ON
Norway Proposes Plan to Build the World’s First Ship Tunnel
The mile-long structure would be the first of its kind.... READ ON
Giant Seven-Arm Octopus Might Use Jellyfish as a (Tasty) Weapon
Researchers observed the deep-sea cephalopods in the act of eating dinner.... READ ON
A Luxury Travel Company Will Offer Titanic Tours in 2018
The first trip costs $105,000, and is already booked up.... READ ON
Boaty McBoatface Is About to Embark on Its First Mission
The autosub is headed to Antarctica to gather data on cold ocean currents.... READ ON
Experts Predict Widespread Ocean Warming by 2050
Up to 86 percent of the ocean surface will be warming and acidifying within the next few decades—unless we take steps to prevent it.... READ ON
Scientists Capture First Underwater Footage of Rare Beaked Whales
The True's beaked whale is one of the most elusive mammals in the ocean.... READ ON
Pretty Pictures
See the Weird, Wonderful Deep Sea Creatures NOAA Discovered in Samoa
Get an up-close look at a newly discovered ocean dandelion, a Venus flytrap anemone, and more.... READ ON
Pretty Pictures
13 Wondrous Photos of Waves
Australian photographer Warren Keelan ventures off shore to get close-ups of the ocean in action.... READ ON
Our Pollution Has Now Reached Deep-Sea Animals
Scientists found high levels of contamination in two of the deepest ocean trenches.... READ ON
This Restaurant Is Located in an Indoor Diving Pool
Diners must venture 16 feet below the surface to enjoy their meal.... READ ON
A New Hammerhead Shark Species May Have Just Been Discovered
Scientists found a genetically unique population of bonnethead sharks in the waters off Belize.... READ ON
How (and Why) Male Seahorses Get Pregnant
It isn't simply to score points with their mates.... READ ON

In 1865, six-year-old Teddy Roosevelt watched Abraham Lincoln’s funeral procession in New York City.

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