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Why Are Social Security Cards So Flimsy?
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Who Are the World's Ten Biggest Employers?
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The Largest Prime Number Ever Discovered Has Over 22 Million Digits
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Remember the First 100 Digits of Pi Using This Basic Technique
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The Uneven History of the Word Odd
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How Many Trees Are on the Planet?
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8 Towns that are Numbered
Kryptos: The CIA Cipher Hiding in Plain Sight
Kryptos photo via Wikimedia Commons Kryptos is an encrypted sculpture installed at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. It's a set of huge copper plates with enciphered text carved into them -- for example, one segment reads TWTQSJQSSEKZZWATJKLUDIAWINFBNYP, though it looks a lot nicer in context. Although the sculpture was installed in 1990, it took until 1999 for someone to actually decrypt part of the message: of the four segments of text, three were decrypted (complete with intentional... READ ON
The Social Security Number, A Biography: Part 3
The Social Security Office in Baltimore, Maryland. Photo Courtesy of the Library of Congress. We’ve already talked about the birth of the Social Security Number, its form and function, and early assignments. Now, we’ll look at how the SSN went from simply being a way for the Social Security Administration to correctly determine people's Social Security entitlement and benefit levels to being an indispensable part of someone’s identity used for dealing with the government and private... READ ON
The Social Security Number, A Biography: Part 2
Social Security office in Baltimore, Maryland. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress. Last time, we looked at the birth of the Social Security Number, why it was needed and how it was structured. Once the form and function of the number was settled, the Social Security Administration tackled the job of getting their creation assigned to people. Who got the first Social Security Number? Without their own field offices, the SSA relied on the Postal Service to be their boots on the ground. Forty-five... READ ON

Only one U.S. state's name ends with the letter "K." It's New York. Likewise, only one U.S. state's name ends with the letter "G": Wyoming.

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