42 Facts About Jackie Robinson
In 1947, Robinson broke the baseball color line and became the first African American to play on a major sports team. Here are 42 facts to celebrate.... READ ON
Who's Buried in Westminster Abbey?
London's Westminster Abbey is not only a grand and glorious place of worship, but also the final resting place of hundreds of history's most famous figures.... READ ON
How 12 Famous Rappers Picked Their Names
A Comprehensive Rap-Graphic
Fans of rap (or hugely engrossing graphics) will delight in this chart which categorizes the names of nearly every known rapper - showing where two or more categories intersect. You may lose hours tracing how the different categories come into play. For instance: "Big" + "Daddies" = Big Daddy Kane "Big" + "Three Letters" = Notorious B.I.G. "Three Letters" + "Cool" = LL Cool... READ ON
5 Great Australian Frauds
Australians are honest, trustworthy people, without exception. Well… maybe a few exceptions. Here are some of those rare Aussies in history who occasionally tried to tell a few fibs about themselves (including, in one case, lying about being Australian). Naturally, the rest of us are perfectly reliable… 1. Arthur... READ ON
From Hippo Vaughn to Shoeless Joe Jackson: The Origins of 17 Classic Baseball Nicknames
Baseball's regular season is winding down, and this year's tight pennant races are sure to generate quite a bit of excitement. There's not question, thought, that they'd be just a tiny bit more exciting if today's players had the same kind of great nicknames old-time players did. Here are the stories behind a few great nicknames from baseball's early days: Hippo... READ ON
The Origins of Video Game Character Names
Today's awesome geekery: It's a Secret to Everybody, an amazingly extensive article on the origins of various video game character names. Ever wondered where the name Zelda (from The Legend of Zelda) came from? How about Link? How about Mario, Luigi, Bowser (aka Koopa), Toad, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Sonic the Hedgehog, and many, many more? Read this article to find out. Some choice snippets: The [Legend of Zelda] series hero, Link, deserves a bit of onomastic speculation too. His name isn’t... READ ON
8 Very Hairy People
Hypertrichosis is a rare genetic condition that results in extreme hairiness. It is sometimes referred to as "werewolf syndrome". Only about 50 cases in history have been documented. There is some speculation that Esau, son of Isaac and twin brother of Jacob, may have had hypertrichosis. He was described in the Old Testament as born covered in red hair, and was referred to as a hairy man by his brother as an adult. Here are several more cases. Petrus... READ ON
R.I.P. Bea Arthur
mental_floss mourns the loss of Beatrice Arthur, who died of cancer Saturday at the age of 86 (and joins cast mate Estelle Getty in that big Shady Pines in the sky). Arthur's complete biography will certainly be the subject of many news posts in the next few days, so we don't really need to tell you that she was born Bernice Frankel. Or that, even though she'd been starring on Broadway for many years, she didn't receive mainstream recognition until she landed the role of... READ ON
6 of Your Favorite Local Characters
This is the fifth and final installment of a series on local characters whose fame spread by way of the internet. Each post drew a lot of response, mainly from those who requested a profile on characters from their hometowns. I feel like I know many of these people, even though I've never encountered them personally. They aren't just local anymore. Emperor... READ ON
7 More Unforgettable Local Characters
In this fourth post of the series about local characters, we'll take a look at some colorful citizens who are well known in Peoria, San Marcos, Montreal, New Haven, Wheeling, Ocean City, and Omaha. 1. The Great... READ ON
How To Be A Local Character: Five Basic Examples
Almost every community has one or two of them: persons who everyone knows, even if you have never spoken to them. Some local characters have gained nationwide recognition via internet. If your neighborhood doesn't have one, you can follow a character from somewhere else! Here are five basic examples of different types of local characters. Living... READ ON
9 People Who Knew They Could Do It
The wonderful response and suggested additions to the post 9 People Who Did It Anyway led me to explore more people who could've taken the easy way out due to disabilities, but instead followed their passions. The Teenage Amputee... READ ON
The Story Behind Jamie Livingston's Polaroid-a-Day Project
Many readers will remember my post He Took a Polaroid Every Day, Until the Day He Died from mid-May. It introduced the story of a man's photography project that continued for eighteen years, ending in 1997. The post became very popular, and was picked up around the world and in various media outlets, including Fox News, the Huffington Post, various newspapers around the world, and over 400 blogs.Today, CBC Radio One's Spark brings us an audio story on Jamie Livingston. Hosted by Nora Young, the piece... READ ON
We Love Who They Aren't: 7 Famous Impostors
Passing yourself off as someone else could land you in prison, but if you are convincing enough, your (fake) life could be the subject of a book or movie!Princess... READ ON
Shigeru Miyamoto: Nintendo's Version of Walt Disney
A recent New York Times profile of Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of various Nintendo franchises, gives some insight on the man's history and creative process. Miyamoto designed the Mario and Legend of Zelda game series (among others), and his continuing work at Nintendo involves hit after hit. His designs are directly responsible for bringing Nintendo to international prominence, and through each generation of video game technology, he continues to focus on what's fun about games: play. By creating... READ ON

In the Disney version of The Little Mermaid, Ariel and her sassy crab friend, Sebastian, overcome the wicked sea witch, and Ariel then swims off to marry the man of her dreams. However, in the original tale, the mermaid’s fins-for-feet exchange c

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