Amusingly Mistranslated Signs From Around the World
If you've ever been to a restaurant in Greece, chances are you've seen lamp on the menu. The spelling mistake is about as ubiquitous as nude sunbathers on the beach in Mykonos. It's less likely, however, that you've seen my favorite mistranslated sign at Delphi, which reads: "No introducing animals and food on the path." (Banana, meet my daschund Petey. Petey, this is banana"¦) I've had the good fortune of capturing some great mistranslations over the... READ ON
Stunning 1000-frames-per-second Slow Motion
A demo reel for the I-Movix SprintCam V3 HD has been making the internet rounds this morning -- the SprintCam is a super-high-speed video camera, allowing some of the slowest slow motion I've ever seen. In this demo, we see footage from a rugby game -- including cheerleaders, firebreathers, pom-poms swishing, and some actual rugby -- shot at 1000fps, or more than 40 times slower than realtime. The final shot shows a block of rippling red Jello, and it was recorded at a shocking 2500fps. Check out the... READ ON
The Late Movies: Optical Illusions
I love optical illusions and weird visual tricks. So I've collect some fun ones here, for your Late Movies enjoyment! Sit back, turn out the lights, and prepare to be amazed.... The Union Jack This is fun. Watch this flag closely (fullscreen is best). Eventually the image will disappear, and you'll see the proper color version of the Union... READ ON
No Photoshop Necessary: The insanity continues
Here at the _floss, we like posting photos we've taken of crazy and bizarre things encountered in everyday life. It seems, more often than not, Ransom and I are the ones posting such photos. I'm not sure if that says something about Los Angeles (he and I are the only two bloggers foolish enough to live in this Astroturf of a town), or if we've just had a lot of luck finding these oddities. Remember the Disney tchotchke-mobile? Or how about Ransom's crazy neighbors? And... READ ON
Layer Tennis: Art as Competition
We've discussed Layer Tennis before: it's a live online competition in which graphic designers trade art back and forth, building upon and changing the art during each fifteen-minute turn, in a kind of graphic design Battle Royale. You may say: huh? Well, here are some sample layers from last week's match between Brooklynites Armin Vit and Sam Potts. In the opening salvo, Vit introduces a wrestling/typography... READ ON
10 Simple (and Fun) Image Generators
Last week my computer died. I have a new one, but I lost my work notes and bookmarks, so I've been looking through my online archives to get back up to speed. The process is a stroll down memory lane, where I found many image generators that I've had fun with over the years. They'll come in handy, since I can't find my original Photoshop disc! 1.... READ ON
No Photoshop Necessary: the tchotchke-mobile & the David house, revisited
In case you missed these two classics, click here for all my photos of this crazy Disney car I saw at a gas station one day and over here for this bizarre house of Michelangelos around the corner from... READ ON
No Photoshop Necessary: a (fake) fire hydrant grows in Hollywood
The latest in our ongoing feature, No Photoshop Necessary, takes you deep into the great, hilarious city of Los Angeles again, where it seems dogs are more a nuisance than man's best friend. This entire grassy pooping/peeing zone is no bigger than a few squares of sidewalk pavement in actuality. And, yes, that's Beverly Hills in the... READ ON
No Photoshop Necessary: World's tallest and shortest men meet
Some may find these photos, er, entertaining, but, of course, we here at the _floss see the trivia value in them. They're shots of the world's tallest man, Bao Xishun, taking a mini-me-eting with He Pingping, who many believe to be the world's shortest human. So what's so interesting about that, I hear you asking? Well, dig this: both men come from the exact same region of Inner Mongolia! The stats: Mr Xishun: 56 years old, 7.9 ft (was normal height until age 16 when... READ ON
No Photoshop Necessary: who said it?
I saw this sign posted outside an old age community center the other day. Now I know they must be quoting someone famous, right? Was it Lincoln who uttered these prophetic words? Or JFK? Who was... READ ON
No Photoshop Necessary: Vegetarian Art
What is it with moms and email forwards? It's like they learn how to email and then instantly become overforwarders. In my family, before email was even invented, my grandparents used to cut what they thought were interesting articles out of the paper and snail-mail "˜em bulk. A package the size of an encyclopedia set would arrive in the mail each week stuffed with clippings. "This made me think of you, David dear" my grandmother would write at the top in of the newspaper clipping... READ ON
No Photoshop Necessary: the tchotchke-mobile
In our tradition of bringing you the wackiest real photos from around the world, check out this guy's... READ ON
No Photoshop Necessary
Honestly people, the only thing I added are the highlighter boxes! Now tell me: who in their right mind would want to rent from these loons living down the block from... READ ON

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