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How Did the Super Bowl's "I'm Going to Disney World" Slogan Originate?
How a throwaway comment turned into a long-lasting Super Bowl tradition.... READ ON
Theory Claims Super Bowl Winners Can Predict the Stock Market
Forget your Super Bowl boxes, the key to a big payday rests in this economic anomaly.... READ ON
45 Years of Monday Night Football's Memorable Theme Music
Are you ready for some football?... READ ON
The Dallas Cowboys Will Use Virtual Reality to Train Their Quarterbacks
How one lab plans to help the NFL team make better snap decisions.... READ ON
Big Question
Why Is Seattle's CenturyLink Field So Loud?
Last season CenturyLink Field was awarded the Guinness World Record for the loudest open-air stadium in the world. Why, exactly?... READ ON
10 Super Stats From @ESPNStatsInfo
As you'd expect, they've been cranking out a lot of Super Bowl stuff. Here are a few highlights.... READ ON
16 Things You Can Watch Instead of the Super Bowl
Don’t care about the Super Bowl this year? Lucky for you, there’s plenty of other programming out there.... READ ON
The NFL Used to Play a "Losers' Bowl for Losers"
If coming in second place just makes you the first loser, what can be said about a team that finishes in third? Well, for ten seasons (1960-69) of NFL football, they’d call you the winner of the Playoff Bowl.... READ ON
11 Defunct Franchise Names Washington’s Football Team Can Use
With the furor over the Washington Redskins’ offensive name growing louder, it’s looking more likely that despite owner Daniel Snyder’s adamant denials, the team will eventually end up with a new mascot. But what will that mascot be?... READ ON
10 Obscure Rules from the World of Sports
Good sportsmen (and women) play by the rules. Even the rules you've never heard of.... READ ON
Big Question
Why Do Athletes Slap Each Others’ Butts?
Light taps to the rear-end are pretty common on the football field. Why do athletes do that?... READ ON
15 Historical Brother vs. Brother Matchups
For as long as there have been brothers, brothers have been battling each other. In honor of the Harbowl, here's our incomplete guide to sibling rivalries.... READ ON
Why the NFL Can't Play on Friday and Saturday (and Other Times Congress Interfered with Football)
This season, the NFL added a weekly Thursday night game, which puts professional football on TV three nights a week. Later on, after the bulk of the college football season is over, Saturday will also be in the mix—but for now, the league has to stay away from Friday and Saturday. Why? Because Congress said... READ ON
Brain Game: The 'Big' Game
Super Bowl Sunday is nearly upon us. If you choose to party, have plenty of fun, but please do so safely. Start off the weekend right by solving today's Brain Game Free-for-All Friday challenge. Good luck! Except for one letter that's different, the names of what THREE current NFL teams are anagrams of each other? Here is the ANSWER. THE ANSWER: The GIANTS, the SAINTS, and the TITANS. Thanks for... READ ON
10 Susceptible Super Bowl Records (and One That Definitely Won't Be Broken)
© John A. Angelillo/CorbisAdmittedly, I haven't paid as much attention to this year's Super Bowl as to previous NFL championships. (Having the new issue of mental_floss on deadline has plenty to do with that.) Still, I love delving into the numbers, so this collection of Super Bowl records - most related to the upcoming Patriots-Giants matchup - is the result. Enjoy!First, here are five records already held by those involved in Super Bowl XLVI:1.  Patriots receivers Deion Branch and Wes Welker... READ ON
Green Bay's Plan to Thwart the Giants in 2008
© Tomasso DeRosa/Corbis Before today, the last time the Giants and Packers met in the playoffs was the NFC Championship Game in January 2008. Green Bay's Fox affiliate tried to get in Eli Manning's head that weekend by refusing to air the regularly scheduled Seinfeld rerun — Manning's favorite show. Jerry Seinfeld heard about the stunt and offered to send Eli the complete series on DVD (and a partial series of Hogan's Heroes), but Manning said he already owned them. (Seinfeld, at least.) The... READ ON

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