10 Everyday Innovations That Came From NASA Research
Helping you clean up small messes since 1981, among other things.... READ ON
New LEGO Set Honors NASA’s Female Pioneers
These space trailblazers sure look good in yellow.... READ ON
Download NASA's Colorful TRAPPIST-1 Travel Poster
Pack your imaginary bags.... READ ON
NASA Announces Winners of the 'Space Poop Challenge'
Last year NASA asked for help dealing with space poop, and the public came through.... READ ON
Big Question
How Does the Restroom in the International Space Station Work?
The absence of gravitational acceleration makes things a bit different.... READ ON
On This Day in 1971, Apollo 14 Golfers Arrived on the Moon
The next day, Alan Shepard swung his smuggled six-iron.... READ ON
Dive Inside Saturn’s Rings With Gorgeous New NASA Images
New pictures from the Cassini orbiter are some of the most extreme close-ups we’ve ever gotten of the gas giant’s main rings.... READ ON
Remembering the Challenger Astronauts
When the Space Shuttle 'Challenger' disintegrated 73 seconds after liftoff on January 28, 1986, there were seven astronauts on board whose lives were tragically cut short.... READ ON
NASA's 2016 Year in Review
It was a busy year in space...and on Earth.... READ ON
The International Space Station Is Getting Its First African-American Crewmember
Jeanette Epps is going to make history.... READ ON
NASA Dropped a Mixtape to Recap 2016's Biggest Space Achievements
Catch up on a year of space discoveries, observations, and milestones in under 90 seconds.... READ ON
NASA Wants to Make a Mobile Water Factory on the Moon
The goal is to harness and use available resources on other worlds.... READ ON
A Group of Suitcase-Sized Satellites Will Transform Hurricane Tracking
CYGNSS "will improve our knowledge of how hurricanes grow so that we can better prepare and protect people in the path of each hurricane as it comes."... READ ON
Need More Nerdy GIFs? NASA’s Got You Covered
The space agency has just launched its own pages on Giphy and Pinterest.... READ ON
Will NASA Be Able to Stop a Real-Life Armageddon?
First we find it. Then we try to move it. And if that doesn't work, we blow it up.... READ ON
On This Day in 1980, Voyager 1 Showed Us Saturn
It also discovered three new moons.... READ ON

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