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This Kinetic Sculpture Plays Rock Music Using Actual Rocks
Listen to it play The Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun."... READ ON
12 Educational Facts About the Recorder
This elementary school staple has a long history.... READ ON
Jamming with the Boston Typewriter Orchestra
The New England band uses old manual typewriters to make sweet music.... READ ON
California Town Drops a Piano Every Year Just for Fun
The Great Piano Drop is held in Winters, California each year, right after someone sings Patsy Cline's "I Fall to Pieces."... READ ON
15 Famous Pianos That You Can Visit
From Mozart to Motown, celebrate National Piano Month by checking out some of these favored ivories.... READ ON
Sami Elu's Melodic Chopstick Piano
Too bad he doesn't play "Chopsticks."... READ ON
Playing the World's Smallest Violin Is Now Possible
This device turns the sarcastic hand gesture into actual music.... READ ON
This Chart Features Every Musical Instrument You Could Think of
And some you probably have never heard of.... READ ON
This New Digital Instrument Is a Loop Station For Your Lap
Because you can't possibly carry 52 instruments in one backpack.... READ ON
Listen to the Unique Sounds of Electromechanical Beat Machines
These handmade musical instruments create futuristic rhythmic patterns.... READ ON
Original Nintendo Consoles Reborn as Custom Guitars
This Etsy seller specializes in turning unconventional objects into playable instruments.... READ ON
The "Magic Instrument" That Teaches You to Play Guitar
The MI Guitar lets users press buttons to learn their favorite songs.... READ ON
No Longer Playing Your Musical Instrument? Give It to a Kid in Need
A public radio station is holding a used instrument drive in New York and New Jersey.... READ ON
This Stalactite Organ is the World's Largest Musical Instrument
The instrument covers 3.5 acres in subterranean Virginia.... READ ON
10 Legendary Rock and Jazz Guitars You Can Own
Robert Blake's guitar from 'In Cold Blood' is just one of the rare instruments heading to auction.... READ ON
The Master Builders at Fender Made a Playable Cardboard Guitar
See what goes into making a Stratocaster out of paper.... READ ON

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