6 Times the Wrong Winner Was Announced
Mistakes happen.... READ ON
People Like Sharks More When They Swim to Upbeat Music
New research indicates that the ominous music that often accompanies footage of sharks leaves viewers with a negative impression of these great big fish—and that this effect is lessened when upbeat music is played instead.... READ ON
10 Fab Facts About George Harrison
Watch Live as People Reenact The Beatles' Abbey Road Crossing
A live webcam in the world-famous recording studio is trained on the famed zebra crossing 24/7.... READ ON
London’s Jewish Museum to Host an Amy Winehouse Exhibition and Art Trail
The show include photographs and mementos from throughout her life.... READ ON
Bob’s Burgers Is Releasing a 112-Song Album This Spring
It includes classics from the show and covers from real musicians.... READ ON
David Bowie's Birthplace May Soon Be Home to a Giant Lightning Bolt Sculpture
The sculpture would resemble the one painted across Bowie's face on the cover of 1973's 'Aladdin Sane.'... READ ON
14 Things You Didn't Know About Nina Simone
25 Things You Should Know About Nirvana
Google's New A.I. Experiment Lets You Play a Piano Duet With a Robot
Spoiler: The robot is better than you.... READ ON
Pick the Bugs in These Song Lyrics
7 Songs That Aren't Quite as Romantic as They Sound
A quick reminder to listen to the lyrics before choosing "your song."... READ ON
Engineer Creates a Working Mini Pipe Organ Made Entirely from Paper 
It's playable, too.... READ ON
15 People Who Have Won at Least 15 Grammys
It takes a long time to rack up so many golden gramophones.... READ ON
Music History
Watch the Nicholas Brothers Tap Dance to Glenn Miller
75 years ago this week, Miller earned the very first Gold Record.... READ ON
Pick The '80s Hits That Reached the Top 10 

Chickens with white ear lobes lay white eggs, whereas chickens with red ear lobes lay brown eggs.

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