Miss Cellania
9 Bizarre Food Museums
Ideas for your next road trip!... READ ON
Tooth Decay May Have Turned Tsavo Lions into Man-Eaters
Humans were “so much easier to catch” than zebras or wildebeests.... READ ON
Wake Up to a Chorus of Bird Songs With This Mobile Alarm App
Finally, an alarm that you'll actually want to hear.... READ ON
New York City Museum Seeks Funds to Open Permanent Jim Henson Exhibition
The exhibit will include over 40 original puppets donated by the Henson family.... READ ON
Meet the Artist Who Makes Smelly Art from Sweat and Bacteria
Anicka Yi has an upcoming solo show at the Guggenheim Museum, opening April 21.... READ ON
Upcoming Exhibition Will Explore a Year in the Artistic Life of Pablo Picasso
Held in Paris and London, "Picasso 1932" features more than 100 works from the period often referred to as the artist's "year of wonders."... READ ON
Sound-Absorbing Art Installation Offers Visitors Almost Total Silence
The room recreates the atmosphere of the desert in New York City.... READ ON
8 Hidden Museums Around the Globe
Whether it’s a trash museum in NYC or a David Hasselhoff museum in Berlin, these semi-private collections make it worth going out of your way.... READ ON
French Curator Rediscovers 'Lost' Gustave Courbet Painting
For decades, experts believed the work was a forgery.... READ ON
Women Can Visit Italy’s Museums for Free on International Women’s Day
Cultural sites around the country will also host talks and exhibits highlighting women.... READ ON
Researchers Want to Recreate What a New York Library Smelled Like in 1906
The olfactory experts have analyzed books, fabrics, and cigars to capture the perfect scent profile.... READ ON
A Ninja Museum Is Coming to Japan
The Japan Ninja Council announced a plan to drum up excitement around a fading culture.... READ ON
Lose Yourself in Artist Yayoi Kusama’s 'Infinity Mirrors'
The world-famous exhibition opens this weekend at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C.... READ ON
London’s Jewish Museum to Host an Amy Winehouse Exhibition and Art Trail
The show include photographs and mementos from throughout her life.... READ ON
Watch Smithsonian Conservationists Restore and Study Asian Art Treasures
Before these priceless items go on display, they need a little TLC.... READ ON
Museum Finds Winston Churchill’s Lost Essay on Extraterrestrial Life
The essay is pure Churchill: expansive, informed, philosophical, and just a little bit cranky.... READ ON

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