George Lucas's Museum of Narrative Art Will Be Built in Los Angeles
The 'Star Wars' creator's long-awaited museum, which will see Norman Rockwell paintings hanging next to sketches from 'Indiana Jones,' is set to open by 2020.... READ ON
Get an Up-Close Look at a Toilet Seat Art Museum
In San Antonio, Texas, a retired master plumber has created a bizarre roadside attraction known as Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum.... READ ON
The Field Museum Is Launching a Beer Based on Its T. rex, Sue
The pale ale is called psuedoSue.... READ ON
Rarely Seen Sketches by Architect Zaha Hadid Go on Display in London
An exhibit at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery showcases the architect's artwork from before her first building was erected.... READ ON
The Eccentric Life of Lord Walter Rothschild and the Blackmail Behind One of the World's Biggest Bird Collections
Lord Walter Rothschild tamed zebras, rode giant tortoises, and was blackmailed for years by a mysterious woman.... READ ON
9 Ways Science Helps Catch Counterfeit Art
It’s estimated that anywhere from 2 to 50 percent of art in museums and on the market are counterfeits.... READ ON
Miami Is Opening America’s First Burger Museum
It’s a 1500-square-foot ode to the history and culture of the humble hamburger.... READ ON
The Silver Swan Automaton Will Visit London’s Science Museum Next Year
After nearly 150 years of staying put at England's Bowes Museum, the one-of-a-kind, life-sized swan automaton and music box is about to take flight.... READ ON
Home Alone-Themed Bobbleheads Are Here
Looking for the ultimate quirky stocking stuffer? The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame has got you covered.... READ ON
10 Facts About Cuban Animals From AMNH's New Exhibition, '¡Cuba!'
In its new bilingual exhibition “¡Cuba!”, the American Museum of Natural History looks at the cultural history of the country as well as its natural history, showing everything from how Cuban cigars are made to the endemic creatures that can be found only on Cuba.... READ ON
L.A. Museum's New Exhibit Pays Homage to Crazy Cat Ladies
The Animal Museum's ode to ailurophiles includes cat facts, feline-inspired artwork, and more.... READ ON
Louvre Museum Offers Protection for Endangered Cultural Treasures
The institution wants to safeguard artifacts rescued from conflict-ridden countries.... READ ON
Kansas Museum Pays Homage to Presidential Runners-Up
The exhibition is called “They Also Ran"—and soon, it will have a new portrait gracing its walls.... READ ON
Experience a 1920s Fossil Expedition With This 360-Degree Video
The American Museum of Natural History is highlighting its artifacts in a whole new way.... READ ON
Museum of Modern Art Adds Original 1999 Emojis to Their Collection
The set was originally designed for pagers.... READ ON
The Smithsonian Saved the Ruby Slippers—and the Scarecrow's Costume Is Next
After securing funds to restore Dorothy's iconic red shoes, the institution is looking to raise an additional $85,000 to conserve the Scarecrow’s costume.... READ ON

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