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Single Americans Spend About $1596 on Dating Every Year
Love may be free, but the pursuit of it certainly isn’t.... READ ON
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How to Destroy the Non-Paper £5 Note
It's nearly impossible to tear...but scientists don't stop there.... READ ON
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Futuristic New Mastercard Includes a Built-In Fingerprint Scanner
This new credit card eliminates the need for a PIN or signature.... READ ON
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Looking for a New Bank? Start With These Top-Rated Accounts
These accounts were voted best in their class due to high interest rates, lower or fewer fees, and great perks.... READ ON
17 Auction Items That Sold for Millions
A sword owned by Napoleon, an infamous Marilyn Monroe dress, and even the Roman Empire were all sold at auction.... READ ON
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There's a New Way for Amazon Customers to Make Purchases With Cash
With Amazon Cash, you can add money to your Amazon balance at participating stores.... READ ON
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5 Finance Books That Will Help Get Your Life on Track (Without Putting You to Sleep)
We asked a handful of financial planners for the best books to seriously up your money game.... READ ON
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Want to Become a Doctor? Here are the Specialties That Earn the Most Money
Financially speaking, orthopedists are getting the most out of their medical degrees.... READ ON
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This Chatbot Will Help You Ask for a Raise (And Get It)
There's no reason to avoid asking for that raise. Cindy Gallop's Facebook chatbot will help you through the process.... READ ON
How Much Money Was Actually Stolen in Hollywood's Biggest Heist Films?
Compared to 'Die Hard,' the 'Heat' gang was going after chump change.... READ ON
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How to Check the Status of Your Tax Refund Online
It only takes a minute to see if your refund is on its way.... READ ON
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15 of the Best Cities for Women in Tech
Silicon Valley isn't quite there yet.... READ ON
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Iceland Considers Taxes to Deter Floods of Tourists
The destination has become too popular for its own good.... READ ON
Low-Income New Yorkers Can Now Get Low-Cost Internet
Charter is offering eligible households internet access for $15 a month.... READ ON
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Two Delicious Ways to Tackle Debt
Presented by Prudential.... READ ON
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10 Things You Might Not Know About the Rise of Money
Presented by National Geographic.... READ ON

Former Today Show weatheman Willard Scott got an early career boost by portraying Ronald McDonald in commercials.

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