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5 Ways to Nurse Your Holiday Spending Hangover
Over a quarter of Americans said they planned on racking up debt this holiday season. Here's how to get back on track.... READ ON
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9 Things You Should Know About Paying for Grad School
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U.S. Currency Depicts Lady Liberty as a Black Woman
This marks a first in the U.S. Mint's 225-year history.... READ ON
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Here Are the Highest Paying Jobs in the U.S.
All those years in medical school really do pay off.... READ ON
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6 Ways Grad School Is Different From Undergrad
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What to Do With Your Unwanted or Unusable Gift Cards
Did your aunt give you a gift card to a store you don’t even like? Get rid of it for cold, hard cash.... READ ON
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Finland Experiments With Basic Income for the Unemployed
It’s just a trial, but the Finnish government hopes it will reduce poverty and unemployment among the 2000 people selected for the experiment.... READ ON
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How Much Money Do You Need to Save Each Day to Become a Millionaire?
For twentysomethings, it's less than the cost of a latte.... READ ON
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How to Get a Pay Raise in 8 Steps
Only 36 percent of employees feel like they're fairly compensated—here's how to snag that pay increase you deserve.... READ ON
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5 Money Challenges to Try in 2017
If you’re looking to kick off a challenge on January 1, try one of these five free ones recommended by personal finance experts.... READ ON
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5 Questions to Ask Your Auto Mechanic
Some key queries can help you avoid getting stiffed at the repair shop.... READ ON
5 Affordable, Underrated Travel Destinations in the U.S.
These under-the-radar destinations have all the amenities of a travel-friendly city without the crazy crowds and tourist traps.... READ ON
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7 Last-Minute Tax Breaks to Take Advantage of Before the End of the Year
It's not too late to save on your 2016 tax bill come April, but for some deductions you have to act before the end of the year.... READ ON
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We Really Need to Stop Assuming Healthy Food Is More Expensive
Researchers say not only are we less likely to believe that affordable foods could be healthy, but we also assume health claims on expensive foods are more trustworthy.... READ ON
How Much to Tip 11 People for the Holidays
Because you wouldn't have made it through the year without your barista or babysitter.... READ ON
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What Is a Credit Union—and How Is it Different From a Bank?
Just like banks, credit unions accept deposits and make loans—so what, exactly, sets them apart?... READ ON

Studies in space have shown that birds cannot survive in weightless environments since they require gravity in order to swallow food.

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