Miss Cellania
Miss Cellania
9 Dedicated Dogs with Amazing Jobs
Give a dog a job helping people, and the rewards go both ways.... READ ON
12 of the World's Most Impressive Easter Services
From sunrise services in the States to the papal address in Rome, these services all inspire awe.... READ ON
Miss Cellania
18 Adorable Pets Dressed Up as the Easter Bunny
Miss Cellania
8 Surprising Uses for Peeps
Do something new with those small blobs of sugary goodness.... READ ON
Miss Cellania
10 Creative Easter Egg Decorating Techniques
Step up your Easter egg game this year with some new and fun ways to decorate them!... READ ON
11 Delicious Poutine Recipes to Make at Home
Time to celebrate that glorious hot combination of fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy.... READ ON
Miss Cellania
20 Funny and Clever Peeps Dioramas
Check out these creative ideas using marshmallow chicks and bunnies.... READ ON
10 Famous Birthdays to Celebrate in April
Do you share a birthday with one of these famous figures?... READ ON
Miss Cellania
12 Amazing Underground Destinations to Visit
Why not beat the heat by heading underground?... READ ON
Miss Cellania
Unwind With These 6 Quirky Crochet Projects
Let the crochet lovers of the internet help you try some of these projects.... READ ON
Miss Cellania
10 Times Kids Stole the Spotlight on Live Television
The biggest danger to any live broadcast is that anything can happen.... READ ON
Miss Cellania
9 Amazing Underwater-Themed Restaurants 
Ever wonder what a turtle is like as a dining companion?... READ ON
Miss Cellania
10 Competitive Eating Challenges at Restaurants in the U.S.
We recommend sweatpants.... READ ON
Miss Cellania
8 Heartwarming Animal Retirement Homes
These specialized shelters make sure that no pet goes unloved.... READ ON
Miss Cellania
15 Fabulous and Famous Internet Pigs
Happy National Pig Day!... READ ON
Miss Cellania
10 Carnival Traditions From Around the World
Several parts of the globe have developed rich and elaborate Carnival traditions, some of which survive even in places where Lent is no longer observed.... READ ON

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were the only two men who signed the Declaration of Independence who also went on to become President of the United States.

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