Restoration of Old Army Tank Turns Up $2.5 Million in Gold
A tank collector found the vehicle on eBay.... READ ON
The Army Wants to Build Biodegradable Bullets
The environmentally friendly casings would even contain plant seeds.... READ ON
West Point’s Eggnog Riot of 1826
A reminder to drink responsibly this holiday season.... READ ON
15 Unexpected Military Operation Codenames
"Operation Toenails," anyone?... READ ON
11 Honorable Ways You Can Help Veterans
Just thanking a veteran can go a long way, but an act of kindness means even more.... READ ON
Arlington National Cemetery Bans Bikes And Pets
Service animals and working military dogs are still permitted, as are authorized visitors on bicycles.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Hurricane Matthew Uncovers Civil War Cannonballs in South Carolina
They were detonated shortly after the discovery.... READ ON
This Marine is Learning to Live with a Double Arm Transplant
An IED took all four of his limbs. A team of 12 surgeons needed 14 hours to replace two of them.... READ ON
15 Unexpected Facts About Military Research From Mary Roach’s Grunt
The U.S. military studies everything from uniform button placement to traveler's diarrhea to organ transplants with the same intense rigor.... READ ON
The Professional Mourners of Arlington Cemetery
More than 150 volunteers ensure that no soldier is ever buried alone.... READ ON
U.S. Navy Files Patent for Ships Powered by Bacteria Farts
It proposes using gas-producing microorganisms to propel ships through the water.... READ ON
Edinburgh Zoo's Knighted Penguin Gets Promoted to Brigadier
Brigadier Sir Nils Olav is the most highly-decorated bird in the world.... READ ON
Finland Thought They Might've Gotten Invaded
They didn't. But they did get free coffee.... READ ON
The UK's Ministry of Defense Is Selling an Aircraft Carrier (With a Big Caveat)
The new owner will be tasked with scrapping the ship.... READ ON
Show & Tell
Show & Tell: A Mermaid Helmet
Renaissance-era kings and princes liked to think of themselves as the spiritual and actual descendants of ancient Roman conquerors.... READ ON
10 Pivotal Facts About the French and Indian War
If things had gone a bit differently in the French and Indian War, we’d all be speaking French right now.... READ ON

It took three people to compose “The Hokey Pokey." Roland Lawrence “Larry” LaPrise, Charles Macack, and Taft Baker wrote the tune in 1949 to entertain tired skiers at nightclubs in Sun Valley, Idaho.

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