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Why Is There a Huge Cotton Ball in My Aspirin Bottle?
You’ll be happy to know that there’s a reason for all that pill packing material—and even happier to know that it’s a dying trend.... READ ON
Scientists Grow Working Human Brain Circuits
The network of cells will allow researchers to study how our brains develop.... READ ON
Scientists Develop Germ-Fighting Fake Mucus
“I am so excited about mucus,” said the lead researcher.... READ ON
A Blood Test May Help Pinpoint the Right Antidepressant for You
A new study provides additional diagnostic information that could change the way depression is treated.... READ ON
This Frog’s Slime Fights the Flu
A peptide secreted by the frog’s skin kills the H1 variety of the flu virus.... READ ON
New York’s Trans Fat Ban Reduced Heart Attacks and Strokes
Counties that implemented trans fat bans saw a significant decline in heart attacks and strokes compared to counties without bans.... READ ON
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Is Being Double-Jointed Bad for You?
Joint hypermobility can be a natural, if weird, phenomenon, but it can also be a sign of an underlying medical condition.... READ ON
How Do Tics Develop in Tourette Syndrome?
A new study models the brain interactions that could be behind the tics.... READ ON
New Test Uses Gene Editing Technology CRISPR to Detect Disease
SHERLOCK is fast, cheap, and can accurately detect infections like Zika virus and Dengue fever and even cancer-causing mutations.... READ ON
Researchers Create Motorized Wheelchair Made for the Water Park
It runs on compressed air instead of batteries, so it can be used poolside.... READ ON
New Therapy Shrinks Five Types of Pediatric Cancers in Mice
“You can imagine a situation where instead of giving different types of drugs for different tumors, we can just say, ‘Here is the treatment. It’s universal.’”... READ ON
Scientists Find a Virus That Can Cause Celiac Disease
The researchers say vaccinating kids against the virus could help prevent new cases of the autoimmune condition.... READ ON
Scientists Say They've Identified a Gene Linked to Anorexia
This gene may give scientists a new tool to understand the eating disorder—and steps toward potential new treatment.... READ ON
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Want to Become a Doctor? Here are the Specialties That Earn the Most Money
Financially speaking, orthopedists are getting the most out of their medical degrees.... READ ON
Scientists Reverse Paralysis in Mice After a Single Treatment
First they began to walk, then could stand on their hind limbs, and eventually they regained full function of all limbs.... READ ON
This Playlist Can Help Teach CPR
Songs like "Stayin' Alive" can guide your tempo when you're trying to save someone's life.... READ ON

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