What Was the Flaw in the Enigma Machine?
Alan Turing broke the Enigma code. What was broken in the Enigma system itself?... READ ON
Hidden Figures Is Coming to Classrooms
The real-life story behind the hit movie doesn't end once the credits roll; for educators, there's now a free curriculum to use in the classroom that shines a light on the pioneering African-American women of NASA's space program.... READ ON
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What Is Math Anxiety?
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15 Female Mathematicians Whose Accomplishments Add Up
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Pick the Odd Answers
Fifth Grader Contacts the Police for Help—With Her Math Homework
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How Many Ways Can You Sort a Deck of Cards?
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Everyone on Earth Could Live in a Single Building—In Theory
It would need to be 4400 feet tall, though.... READ ON
How Many Combinations Are Possible Using 6 LEGO Bricks?
Running the computer program to calculate it took a week.... READ ON

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were the only two men who signed the Declaration of Independence who also went on to become President of the United States.

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