Big Question
Why Are the Mountains on Mars So Much Taller Than Those on Earth?
Gravity is only part of it.... READ ON
When We Go to Mars, How Will We Protect the Microbes From Us?
Life on Mars has yet to be found, but we're already making plans to protect it from us—and us from it.... READ ON
Tomorrow ESA Will Land a Spacecraft on Mars
You can follow the action live at ESA's Facebook page beginning at 8 a.m. EDT.... READ ON
5 New Fascinating Videos About Mars
See the science behind an upcoming TV series.... READ ON
The Drill We Sent to Mars
Curiosity has a drill on Mars. Complete with extra drill bits!... READ ON
Pretty Pictures
NASA Releases More Than 1000 Stunning New Images of Mars
Get ready for alien beauty overload.... READ ON
Construction of Life-Detecting Mars 2020 Rover to Begin
NASA has given permission (and funding) for engineers at JPL to begin "cutting metal."... READ ON
7 Spacecraft NASA Has Landed on Mars
The Viking I lander touched down on Mars on July 20, 1976. It was just the first of many NASA missions to the red planet.... READ ON
Mars Opportunity Rover Captures Image of Dust Devil Whirling Behind Its Back
The Opportunity Rover turned to see the vortex forming in the valley below.... READ ON
Buzz Aldrin Gives a Virtual Tour of Mars In NASA's New Exhibit
Take a guided tour of Mars, no space travel required.... READ ON
ExoMars Launched Today to Search for Signs of Life on the Red Planet
Its mission is to find "biosignatures," or scientific markers of life.... READ ON
A Gorgeous Map of Mars in the Style of Medieval Cartography
Eleanor Lutz charted the "new world" of the modern age.... READ ON
View Mars From Your Smartphone With NASA's New Panoramic Viewer
Enjoy 360-degree views of the red planet, courtesy of the Curiosity rover.... READ ON
Half of NASA's New Astronaut Class Are Women (and Their Sights Are Set on Mars)
Jessica Meir, Anne McClain, Christina Hammock Koch, and Nicole Aunapu Mann were selected from more than 6000 candidates for the astronaut program.... READ ON
Scientists Say They've Found a Way to Make Martian Concrete
This could be what Martian colonies of the future are made of.... READ ON
Curiosity Rover Studies Mars Sand Dunes Up Close for the First Time
The rover took a series of beautiful high-resolution images of the ripples and crests of the dunes.... READ ON

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