Watch How to Make a Compass
You'll need a magnet and a bit of know-how. Here's the know-how.... READ ON
Introducing the Levitating Cups That Hold Your Drinks Mid-Air
Why set your drink down when you can have it hover in midair?... READ ON
Watch a Powerful Electromagnet Shrink a Quarter to Half Its Size
Don't try this experiment at home.... READ ON
Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields?
At one time, making such a suggestion would have gotten a researcher laughed out of the academy. But some modern scientists say it’s a real possibility.... READ ON
Like Lobsters and Pigeons, Wild Pigs May Orient Their Lives Along Magnetic Fields
A study of warthogs and wild boars found that the animals usually aligned their bodies along a north-south axis.... READ ON
Deer May Rely on Internal Compasses to Avoid Colliding When They Flee
A new study suggests that fleeing deer leap along a north-south axis to keep everyone moving safely in the same direction.... READ ON
Watch How Magnets Change the Physics of This Marble Maze
Marbles fall because of gravity, until they don't.... READ ON
Make Magnetic Slime With Four Simple Ingredients
The project combines simple science with homemade goo, resulting some serious hands-on fun.... READ ON
Scientists Identify Proteins That Align with Magnetic Fields
Scientists have discovered a protein complex in several species that aligns itself with magnetic fields.... READ ON
Watch What Happens to Magnetic Objects Inside an MRI Machine
How One Guy Recreated the Magic of Thor's Hammer With Science
A fun way to combine electromagnets with a fingerprint scanner.... READ ON
Remix This Video of Machines Working Perfectly
Here's the best summer dance video...shot in 1930. Add your own music and enjoy.... READ ON
Smashing a 10,648-Magnet Cube
Goofing Around with 100 Pounds of Magnetic Putty
Weird Science
Playing With Magnets in a Copper Pipe

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