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6 Ways to Clean Your Ears Without Cotton Swabs
Early this year, the American Academy of Otolaryngology officially advised against using cotton swabs to clean one's ears. Here are six doctor-approved methods to try instead.... READ ON
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New Chrome Update Will Improve Your Laptop’s Battery Life
The update makes it easier to run a million tabs at a time without crashing your computer.... READ ON
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When Is Your Child Ready for a Smartphone?
Parents give smart phones to kids as young as 10, but experts warn they might be in too big a hurry.... READ ON
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This App Helps You Read a More Diverse Range of Political News
It's easy to get caught in an ideological bubble when you're reading news online and from social media. Read Across the Aisle shows you what else is out there.... READ ON
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15 Things to Keep in Your Car at All Times
In the event that you pop a tire or run out of gas, don’t be caught unprepared.... READ ON
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A Basic Guide to Proper Email Etiquette
Skip these common courtesies, and you may appear unprofessional, sloppy, or just plain rude.... READ ON
Here’s Why Confusing Diesel With Gas at the Pump Is a Problem
It can happen to anyone.... READ ON
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Millions of People’s Credit Scores May Get a Bump This Summer
The three major U.S. credit monitoring companies are removing two score-dinging penalties from their calculations.... READ ON
11 Essential Spring Cleaning Products
These items will help you get that new-house smell.... READ ON
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If You Get a Call From a 473 Area Code, It’s Probably a Scam
And you'll be stuck with the phone bill.... READ ON
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8 Online Dating Red Flags
Dating experts reveal eight signs you should run for the hills.... READ ON
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American Library Association Updates Its CRAAP Test for Spotting Fake News
One part of the system recently required a closer look.... READ ON
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Raising Kids in the City Costs $9000 More Than in the Suburbs
But it depends on which suburb you're moving to.... READ ON
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Want to Eat Healthier? Listen to Your Biological Clock
Knowing your chronotype can help you make better food choices.... READ ON
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2017 Might be a Bad Year for Lyme Disease
Warmer temperatures have led to an increase in the tick population. Here's how to avoid them.... READ ON
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The 7 Best New Sports Bras for Every Type of Workout
Need a new sports bra? The right type for you is based on your preferred form of exercise.... READ ON