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Want to Eat Less Junk Food? Serve Yourself
A new study finds that being physically involved with serving your food can lead you to healthier eating choices.... READ ON
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Using This Browser Setting Leaves You Vulnerable to Hackers
This scam finds a sneaky way to steal credit card info.... READ ON
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10 Dinner Party Entrees You Can Make for Under $20
Don't sacrifice your social calendar in order to stick to your budget. These delicious dishes don't require deep pockets.... READ ON
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When—and How—to Say 'No' at Work
Don't be scared to turn down assignments you're too time-strapped to satisfactorily complete.... READ ON
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Need More Dough? 7 Side Gigs to Consider
Uber and Airbnb aren't your only options.... READ ON
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Infographic: 10 Popular Health Myths, Debunked
Brushing your teeth after every meal might do more harm than good.... READ ON
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Should You Splurge on an Impulse Buy? This Chart Can Help You Decide
It can be hard to talk ourselves out of an exciting sale, but your bank account will thank you.... READ ON
You’re Probably Using the Drawer Under Your Oven Wrong
You might be storing your pans in a drawer meant to keep your food warm.... READ ON
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The Most Rat- and Roach-Infested Cities in the U.S.
One city reported vermin in 2 out of 5 households.... READ ON
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10 Fitness Apps to Get You Moving and Motivated
You don’t need to rely on pricey classes and personal trainers to get fit this year, all you need is your phone and a little bit of motivation.... READ ON
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How Much Sugar Is in Your Pizza? Way More Than You'd Think
Added sugars are present in far more foods than you'd think. Photographer Antonio Rodríguez Estrada visualizes nutrition information in sugar cubes.... READ ON
How Talk Therapy Can Change Our Brains for the Better
The brains of study participants who used cognitive behavioral therapy showed strengthened connections in regions associated with social perception.... READ ON
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The Age Most People Stop Buying IKEA Furniture
Unsurprisingly, people age out of the popular flat-pack furniture.... READ ON
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5 Ways to Nurse Your Holiday Spending Hangover
Over a quarter of Americans said they planned on racking up debt this holiday season. Here's how to get back on track.... READ ON
Want a Caffeine Boost Without the Acidity? Try Mushroom Coffee
There's nothing like the smell of fungus in the morning.... READ ON
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This Phishing Scam Is Targeting Gmail Accounts by Posing as Your Contacts
Gmail users are reporting a phishing scam that comes masquerading as one of your contacts.... READ ON
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