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7 Expert-Approved Ways to Write a Better To-Do List
It's time to ditch the old-school format.... READ ON
Live Smarter Has Been Selling Your Email Data—Here’s How to Make it Stop
You'll need to sort through your email settings to revoke the service's access to your data.... READ ON
This Organization Lets You Pay the Water Bill for a Family in Need
The Human Utility helps residents in Detroit and Baltimore who are facing plumbing shutoffs.... READ ON
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Single Americans Spend About $1596 on Dating Every Year
Love may be free, but the pursuit of it certainly isn’t.... READ ON
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The One Surprising Ingredient for Making a Better Burger
The best burgers have just two ingredients.... READ ON
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How One Writer Packed Her Bags and Took Off for a Year as a Digital Nomad
Writer Zoe Weiner will spend the next year traveling—and working—abroad.... READ ON
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6 Creative Recycling Efforts From Around the Globe
This Earth Day, get inspired to think outside the plastic bin.... READ ON
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Social Media Can Push Runners to Improve Their Performance
Sometimes peer pressure works in our favor.... READ ON
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All National Parks Are Offering Free Admission This Weekend
Celebrate National Park Week!... READ ON
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Futuristic New Mastercard Includes a Built-In Fingerprint Scanner
This new credit card eliminates the need for a PIN or signature.... READ ON
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Clear Coffee That Won't Stain Teeth Is Now Available in the UK
Don't sacrifice your pearly white smile for your caffeine fix.... READ ON
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Looking for a New Bank? Start With These Top-Rated Accounts
These accounts were voted best in their class due to high interest rates, lower or fewer fees, and great perks.... READ ON
New York’s Trans Fat Ban Reduced Heart Attacks and Strokes
Counties that implemented trans fat bans saw a significant decline in heart attacks and strokes compared to counties without bans.... READ ON
17 Secrets of Wedding Photographers
Don't be afraid to ask why they charge so much.... READ ON
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Study Sheds Light on Why Salty Snacks Are So Addictive
Salty food doesn't make you thirsty, but it might make you hungry.... READ ON
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How Often You Should Do 12 Household Chores
If you stay on top of your weekly and monthly chores, keeping your home fresh and tidy will be a much more manageable feat.... READ ON
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