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American Library Association Updates Its CRAAP Test for Spotting Fake News
One part of the system recently required a closer look.... READ ON
11 Well-Read Facts About the Library of Congress
It's the largest library collection on Earth.... READ ON
Researchers Want to Recreate What a New York Library Smelled Like in 1906
The olfactory experts have analyzed books, fabrics, and cigars to capture the perfect scent profile.... READ ON
Send That Special Bibliophile a Valentine’s Day Message
The New York Public Library wants to play matchmaker for book lovers.... READ ON
Libraries Across the Country Are Dumping Late Fees
Rather than promoting anarchy, it's boosting circulation.... READ ON
11 Amazing Hotels for Book Lovers
Escape reality—both literally and figuratively—by visiting one of these literary-inspired getaways.... READ ON
Elevate Your Coloring With Books From 67 Library Collections
Color in images from the archives of the Smithsonian Libraries, JSTOR, and more.... READ ON
A Brief History of Presidential Libraries
The modern presidential library is more than a roadside attraction.... READ ON
Librarian Creates Fake Patron to Keep Books on Shelves
The fictional "Chuck Finley" checked out 2361 books last year.... READ ON
50 Vintage Christmas Cards From the New York Public Library Archives
These charming designs are good enough to bring back.... READ ON
Long-Lost Christmas Drinking Song Discovered at Oxford
Composer George Butterworth destroyed many of his early works before he left to fight in World War I, making it a rare find.... READ ON
Granddaughter Returns Grandfather’s Library Book 120 Years Late
Better late than never?... READ ON
New York Public Library Turns Former Library Apartment Into Teen/Tech Center
For years, a custodian apartment in the library's Washington Heights branch was closed to the public. Now, it's a brand-new public space.... READ ON
Watch How Computers Sort Lists (It's Complicated)
How fast can you alphabetize 1,280 books? See how computer scientists can make the process much faster.... READ ON
Take a Virtual Tour of the Real Hogwarts Library
Unfortunately you won't find a copy of "Quidditch Through the Ages" in these stacks.... READ ON
The New York Public Library's Secret Apartments
Shoveling coal and living above the library used to be a thing in New York.... READ ON

William Howard Taft was not only the heaviest U.S. president, but also the last to sport facial hair.

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