Introducing a Dungeons & Dragons-Inspired LEGO Set 
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How Many Combinations Are Possible Using 6 LEGO Bricks?
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Now You Can Enjoy a LEGO Brick Burger
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LEGO Launches Kid-Friendly Social Network
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What did I just watch?
A LEGO's-Eye-View: Outdoor Train Track
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Video Games
See What Super Mario Bros. Looks Like as a Moving LEGO Set
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Time Is Running Out to Apply for Cambridge's LEGO Professorship
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Artist Creates Monochromatic 'Abandoned' Mansions With LEGOs
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Miss Cellania
10 Amazing LEGO Artists
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LEGO BOOST Brings Toys to Life by Teaching Kids How to Code
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Star Trek Fan Builds Klingon Warship Entirely From LEGO Bricks
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A Large Hadron Collider LEGO Set May Become a Reality
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Build Your Own LEGO Ornaments With This Handy Guide
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You Can Now Buy Twin Peaks LEGO Minifigures
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The LEGO Addams Family Mansion Could Become a Reality
The tiny Gothic-style mansion has 10,000 supporters on the LEGO Ideas website, and is now under official review.... READ ON
You Can Now Buy a LEGO Set Based on ‘Yellow Submarine’ by The Beatles
We all live in a LEGO submarine.... READ ON

Prior to the 1800s, people tried to clean their teeth using eggshells and abrasives. Not until 1824 did an American dentist named Peabody come up with the idea to add soap to tooth powder, thus giving it a cleansing agent.

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