A Field of LEGO Daffodils Is "Blooming" in England
The spring-inspired installation celebrates Hull's designation as the UK City of Culture for 2017.... READ ON
Learn How to Make Your Own Functional Mini LEGO Mac
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Here’s What the LEGO Version of Rogue One Would Look Like
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A Game of Thrones Fan Built a Revolving LEGO Replica of the Red Keep
The small-scale castle is made from 125,000 LEGO pieces, and weighs just over 143 pounds.... READ ON
Visitors to LEGOLAND Japan Can Eat LEGO-Shaped French Fries
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Brilliant LEGO Tape Lets You Build on Any Surface
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A Revolutionary Toy Idea: 'Hamilton: The LEGO Set' 
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New LEGO Set Honors NASA’s Female Pioneers
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Introducing a Dungeons & Dragons-Inspired LEGO Set 
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How Many Combinations Are Possible Using 6 LEGO Bricks?
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Now You Can Enjoy a LEGO Brick Burger
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LEGO Launches Kid-Friendly Social Network
Young LEGO maniacs can now turn their fandom into a safe and social experience.... READ ON
What did I just watch?
A LEGO's-Eye-View: Outdoor Train Track
Life moves pretty fast on a LEGO train.... READ ON
Video Games
See What Super Mario Bros. Looks Like as a Moving LEGO Set
Two of your favorite childhood pastimes are together at last.... READ ON
Time Is Running Out to Apply for Cambridge's LEGO Professorship
The professor will research how play affects development and learning.... READ ON
Artist Creates Monochromatic 'Abandoned' Mansions With LEGOs
The eerie homes look like they're crumbling from disrepair.... READ ON

It took three people to compose “The Hokey Pokey." Roland Lawrence “Larry” LaPrise, Charles Macack, and Taft Baker wrote the tune in 1949 to entertain tired skiers at nightclubs in Sun Valley, Idaho.

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