10 Colorful Facts About Coloring Books
The first coloring books marketed to adults came out in 1961.... READ ON
Jumping Around Can Help Kids Learn Math
A Danish study found that integrating physical activity into math lessons boosted kids’ test scores.... READ ON
5 Gross-Out Games for Kids
Warning: Don't bring these out in front of polite company.... READ ON
LEGO Launches Kid-Friendly Social Network
Young LEGO maniacs can now turn their fandom into a safe and social experience.... READ ON
Little Girls Start Believing Harmful Gender Stereotypes by Age 6
Five-year-old girls in an experiment had equal expectations of intelligence for both genders. Six-year-olds thought men and boys were smarter.... READ ON
The NFL is Making This Year’s Pro Bowl Autism-Friendly
Noise-canceling headphones, stress toys, and a quiet room will be provided.... READ ON
The Youngest Certified Yoga Teacher in the U.S. is Just 11 Years Old
Tabay Atkins got his certification last summer.... READ ON
Meet the 7-Year-Old Boy Who Runs His Own Recycling Business
Ryan Hickman's business, “Ryan’s Recycling," has recycled approximately 200,000 cans and bottles.... READ ON
Former Blues Clues Star Steve Burns Is Making Trippy, Kid-Friendly Music
The former Nickelodeon icon is making music with The Flaming Lips's Steven Drozd.... READ ON
LEGO BOOST Brings Toys to Life by Teaching Kids How to Code
LEGO is teaching kids to program their own movable, talking toys.... READ ON
Buckle Up!: Original Classmates Returning for The Magic School Bus Revival
Production on the Netflix reboot is now underway.... READ ON
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11 Brilliant Gifts for the Young Explorers in Your Life
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Inside the Booming Business of Adults Who Play With Toys on YouTube
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12 Fun Facts About You Can't Do That on Television
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Young Toddlers Know When You’re Lying, Say Scientists
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10 Brilliant Gifts for the Curious Kid in Your Life
Chemistry sets, programming games, space dresses, and more!... READ ON

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