How Thomas Edison Jr. Shamed the Family Name
Asked to evaluate his son's abilities as an intellectual, the elder Edison said that he was, "absolutely illiterate, scientifically and otherwise.”... READ ON
11 Amazing Things You Didn't Know Were Invented by Kids
The 5-year-old who created transforming toy trucks was the youngest patent holder ever.... READ ON
This Kinetic Sculpture Plays Rock Music Using Actual Rocks
Listen to it play The Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun."... READ ON
This 300-Year-Old 'Detector Lock' Reveals an Intruder's Presence
English craftsman John Wilkes created the clever gadget, currently displayed in Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum.... READ ON
10 Great Things Invented by Working Moms
The achievements of these inspiring ladies are worth recognizing.... READ ON
11 Lesser-Known Inventions by Famous Inventors
Because not every invention can be a home run.... READ ON
11 African American Inventors Who Changed the World
Get to know the brilliant minds that brought you blood banks, personal computers, touch-tone telephones, and more.... READ ON
Engineer Creates a Working Mini Pipe Organ Made Entirely from Paper 
It's playable, too.... READ ON
How Used Coffee Grounds Could Save Refugee Lives
A recycled, coffee-based fuel log eliminates the need for women and children to embark on dangerous trips to collect firewood for cooking.... READ ON
Nikola Tesla Wi-Fi Statue Pays Tribute to the Great Inventor
What did I just watch?
Watch This 40-Minute Documentary About Canned Food from 1956
"This is the miracle of the can." -Narrator hired by the American Can Company... READ ON
On This Day in 1948, the First Polaroid Camera Was Sold
It would cost $900 in today's dollars.... READ ON
Designer Wins International Award for Foldable Cardboard Helmet
It's 100 percent biodegradable, and can easily be tucked inside a bag.... READ ON
10 Attempts to Build Better Mousetraps
With thousands of mousetrap patents in the United States, it seems people can’t resist innovating new ways to slay vermin.... READ ON
Tuesday on American Experience: Tesla
All about the "patron saint of geeks."... READ ON
12 Disabled Scientists Who Made the World a Better Place
These brilliant minds refused to be defined by their physical limitations.... READ ON

Only one U.S. state's name ends with the letter "K." It's New York. Likewise, only one U.S. state's name ends with the letter "G": Wyoming.

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