Why Lady Mantises Eat Their Mates
Genetically speaking, getting eaten could be the best thing to ever happen to a male mantis.... READ ON
Pick the Bugs in These Song Lyrics
Honeybees Go "Whoop!" When They Bump Into Each Other
They make the adorable sound with their wings when they're startled. Listen below.... READ ON
13 Secrets of Forensic Entomologists
4. They rarely go to crime scenes.... READ ON
Biologist Names Moth After Trump to Send Message About Conservation
Vazrick Nazari said he hoped the move would publicize the need to “continue protecting fragile habitats in the U.S.”... READ ON
Live Smarter
The Most Rat- and Roach-Infested Cities in the U.S.
One city reported vermin in 2 out of 5 households.... READ ON
This Artist Creates Amazingly Intricate Embroideries of Insects
Artist Humayrah Bint Altaf recreates the natural world in fabric.... READ ON
15 Facts About Maggots
Maggot therapy is making a comeback.... READ ON
Scientists Unwrap the "Nuptial Gifts" Male Fireflies Give to Their Mates
"I think it's safe to say that adult fireflies are obsessed with sex."... READ ON
15 Fascinating Facts About Fruit Flies
Drosophila melanogaster may seem like nothing more than a nuisance when your fruit gets too ripe, but medical research owes a great deal to this tiny little menace.... READ ON
Ants Communicate by Swapping Spit
Scientists say the mouth-to-mouth exchanges transmit hormones and other important chemical information.... READ ON
Light Therapy Could Help Bees Recover From Pesticides
Red light helped honeybees bounce back after exposure to a neonicotinoid pesticide.... READ ON
Watch These Peruvian Tree-Protecting Ants in Ultra HD
These ants help local trees...until they're bribed by crafty caterpillars.... READ ON
The Next Step in Malaria Prevention May Be to Make People Taste Bad
Scientists say the brains of malaria-carrying mosquitoes combine smell and taste when considering who to bite.... READ ON
Study Finds That Plant Emits the Scent of an Injured Honeybee to Lure Flies
Plants are liars. There, we said it. All right, fine, not all plants. But a lot of them.... READ ON
The Death Star of Wasp Nests Found in English Attic
An impressive feat of insect engineering.... READ ON

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