Watch 18 Minutes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus Seinfeld Bloopers
Prepare to spit out whatever you're drinking.... READ ON
Remembering Gmail Motion, the Best April 1 'Feature' Yet
"To reply, simply point backward with your thumb."... READ ON
Watch More Adventures in Replying to Spam with James Veitch
"I'm in." -James Veitch, email hero... READ ON
Live Smarter
Jokes Can Make You Look More Competent at Work
A new study finds that humor can make you look good at the office.... READ ON
This Is Your Brain on Puns
Full pun-derstanding relies on both sides of the brain.... READ ON
20 of Steven Wright's Funniest Jokes
Steven Wright once supposedly said, "I intend to live forever. So far, so good."... READ ON
Watch Classic Monty Python Sketches Featuring Wordplay
Michael Palin: "Do you enjoy [speaking only in anagrams?]" Eric Idle: "I stom certainly od. Revy chum so."... READ ON
Yetta Bronstein, the Imaginary 1960s Jewish Housewife Who Ran for President
One of her slogans: “Vote for Yetta and things will get Betta.”... READ ON
11 Wisecracking Secrets of Stand-Up Comedians
When you meet them at a party, please don't ask for a joke.... READ ON
An Hour of Matthew McConaughey Watching Rain, Sipping Coffee
This is the "slow video" you've been looking for.... READ ON
'BunaB,' a Brilliantly Useless Product Line
The line, started in 1951, included the "Improved #7 BunaB," "The Man's Between Shave Lotion," and more.... READ ON
Inside Portland's 'Mystery Hole'
"The more dirt I took out, the more hole I found." -Barron Mind, on discovering the Mystery Hole... READ ON
The Hot Fuzz Blooper Reel
"Ya ever fished a guy out of a bonfire, and found it to be a tramp?" -Nick Frost. "Yes." -Simon Pegg.... READ ON
Grace Kelly, Alec Guinness, and the 26-Year-Long Practical Joke
No words were ever exchanged—just a tomahawk.... READ ON
The Club for Failures
The Not Terribly Good Club of Great Britain celebrated the quiet glory of incompetence.... READ ON
Richard Pryor and the 'Star Wars' Bar
Real costumes from Mos Eisley Cantina, used in a Richard Pryor skit from 1977. What?!... READ ON

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