10 Relics From the Horse-Powered City Hiding in Plain Sight
You can still find reminders of the days when horse-drawn transportation reigned.... READ ON
See the Future of Equine Medicine: A CT Scanner for Horses
Equimagine technology surrounds a standing, conscious horse with moving, robotic cameras.... READ ON
How Large Hats and Other Fabulous Fashions Changed the Course of American Horse Racing
A case could be made that the Kentucky Derby is the country's longest-running fashion show.... READ ON
Two Retired Army Horses Are Looking for a New Home
Kennedy and Quincy have served in the Army's Old Guard for nearly a decade, pulling veterans' coffins to burials at Arlington National Cemetery.... READ ON
Research Suggests Horses Can Read Human Expressions
Looking at pictures of angry human faces made horses visibly wary and increased their heart rates.... READ ON
Skijoring: Like Waterskiing Behind a Horse
The niche sport of equine skijoring is well-known out west.... READ ON
Watch British Authorities Pursue a Shetland Pony in the Cutest Police Chase Ever
The tiny horse ran wild around a residential area of Crawley until it was finally captured by officers.... READ ON
25 Fine Facts About Kentucky
13. You can thank Patty Hill, a resident of the Bluegrass State, the next time you launch into "Happy Birthday."... READ ON
In Wales, People Run Marathons Against Horses—and Sometimes Win
Every year, one Welsh town puts man’s endurance-running supremacy to the test.... READ ON
A Scientific Catalog of Horses’ Facial Expressions
Never look a gift horse in the mouth … unless you’re trying to evaluate its social cognition.... READ ON
Riding Off Into the (Florida) Sunset: America's First Cowboys
Long before settlers reached the Wild, Wild West, another brand of cowboy was mucking it up in Florida's swamps.... READ ON
How Pit Ponies Replaced Children in the Coal Mines
Miniature horses used to lug around far more than tiny carriages.... READ ON
This Just In
Finnish Company Wants to Power the Country With Horse Poop
Early trials show that horse manure could be a viable biofuel for home heating and electricity.... READ ON
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5 Inventions That Use Literal Horse Power
Horses Whinny in Two Different Frequencies to Convey Emotion

When Canada's Northwest Territories considered renaming itself in the 1990s, one possibility was "Bob."

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