11 Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard
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How Often You Should Do 12 Household Chores
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10 Items You Should Keep In Your Freezer
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12 Ways to Use Leftover Eggshells
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11 Book-Inspired Candles for Bibliophiles
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4 Steps to Take if You Clog a Public Toilet
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Amsterdam-Based Designers Create Lamps That Barely Look Like Lights at All
The power cords are designed to be just as pretty as the lamps themselves.... READ ON
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18 Things Professional Chefs Say You Must Have in Your Kitchen
If you’re still using a hand-me-down cutting board and those cheap knives you found on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond when you graduated from college, it’s time for an upgrade.... READ ON
IKEA to Launches Line of Smart Light Bulbs
Time to embrace the smart home.... READ ON
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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Washing Machine
Adding more detergent isn't the answer to getting cleaner clothes.... READ ON
The Forgotten Uses of 8 Everyday Objects
So that's what it's for!... READ ON
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Raising Kids in the City Costs $9000 More Than in the Suburbs
But it depends on which suburb you're moving to.... READ ON
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8 Tips to Make Your Bedroom More Relaxing and Get a Better Night’s Sleep
Property Brother Jonathan Scott reveals his go-to tricks for turning your bedroom into a sanctuary.... READ ON
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Here's How Often You Should Wash 10 Grimy Household Items
Don't wait until spring cleaning to scrub down your fridge and deep clean your carpet—these 10 items should be washed on a regular basis.... READ ON
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What Do Those Numbers on the Bottom of Plastic Bottles Mean?
The single-digit stamp helps determine the ultimate fate of your trash.... READ ON
Le Creuset to Release Beauty and the Beast-Themed Cookware
In honor of the upcoming live-action version, you can buy a soup pot that honors Belle and friends.... READ ON

Both John Lennon and Paul McCartney had cats named Jesus.

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