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12 Brilliant IKEA Hacks for Your Kitchen
You can hack your way to Pinterest-worthy design in a weekend with a few IKEA basics and a little elbow grease.... READ ON
Give Tea Time More Charm With a Hedgehog Tea Infuser
Aww.... READ ON
New IKEA Rugs Will Be Made Entirely by Syrian Refugees
The Swedish furniture giant is partnering with women's organizations in Jordan to provide refugees with work.... READ ON
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11 Timeless Entertaining Tips From Joy of Cooking
America's favorite cookbook contains some essential hosting advice.... READ ON
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10 Ways to Master the Danish Art of Hygge in Your Home
Long, dark winter nights and stormy weather have us craving a roaring fire, fluffy slippers, and a soft blanket to curl up under. As the Danes would say, we want to get hygge.... READ ON
Peek Inside America's Most Expensive Home, Which Can Be Yours for $250 Million
The helicopter from the 1980s TV series 'Airwolf' is included.... READ ON
You’re Probably Using the Drawer Under Your Oven Wrong
You might be storing your pans in a drawer meant to keep your food warm.... READ ON
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The Age Most People Stop Buying IKEA Furniture
Unsurprisingly, people age out of the popular flat-pack furniture.... READ ON
How to Fix a Candle That Won’t Light
Unable to light your candle because of a buried wick? There’s a quick fix.... READ ON
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Pocket-Ready Duct Tape for On-the-Go Fixes
Think outside the roll.... READ ON
The Ironing Board Is Getting a Redesign
Flippr is a rotating ironing board that comes with a place to set that hot iron when you're done.... READ ON
Drones Are Being Tested as the Home Security Systems of Tomorrow
A future in which homeowners display “Beware of Drone” signs on their property may not be too far off.... READ ON
The Real-Life Griswolds Behind an Incredible Holiday Display
Joe Drelick spends eight weeks hanging over 35,000 lights and 37 interactive displays for his Harleysville, Pennsylvania home. You're welcome.... READ ON
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5 Tips for Moving Back in With Your Parents
Forced to move back in with your parents? Here's how to make it work.... READ ON
15 Stimulating Facts About the Playboy Mansion
When Hugh Hefner can't make a party, he makes sure his cardboard stand-in is there for guests.... READ ON
New Mexico Company Transforms Human Remains Into Ceramics
From dust to dinnerware.... READ ON

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