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Why Are There No Snakes in Ireland?
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13 Lucky Facts About St. Patrick’s Day
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11 Fun Facts About Mill Ends Park, Portland’s Leprechaun Colony
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What Each State Is Searching for on St. Patrick's Day
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What Do They Use to Dye the Chicago River Green?
Women Can Visit Italy’s Museums for Free on International Women’s Day
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The Brawny Woman Will Replace the Brawny Man for Women's History Month
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15 Fabulous and Famous Internet Pigs
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15 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in March
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81-Year-Old Woman Develops Mobile Game Based on Japanese Holiday
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10 Carnival Traditions From Around the World
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Listen to 10 Famous Presidential Speeches From History
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New Zealand KFC Hands Out Valentine's Day Bouquets of Fried Chicken
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The Origin of the Conversation Heart
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Give Your Favorite Astronomer a Heart Nebula Necklace or Cuff Links
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20 Funny Valentine's Day Cards to Give Your Loved Ones
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Dogs who bark continuously can get laryngitis, just like humans, but not as quickly. Canine vocal cords are thicker and take longer to get irritated.

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