The Doctor Who Got Hitler Hooked on Drugs—And the Plot to Take Him Down
Many suspected that the dictator’s personal physician, Theodor Morell, was intentionally poisoning him.... READ ON
Did a British Soldier Accidentally Spare Hitler’s Life in 1918?
According to the dictator, that's exactly what happened.... READ ON
Chakka-Chhh: The Hidden History of View-Master
William Gruber made one of the definitive toys of the 20th century. He also thought Hitler was a pretty solid guy.... READ ON
The German Teens Who Rebelled Against Hitler
Allied forces had a secret ally: German teen gangs that resisted Hitler's messages, sabotaged their military, and embraced American culture.... READ ON
The Jewish Psychic Who Tricked Hitler
Erik Jan Hanussen hosted extravagant Nazi parties, loaned them money, and consulted with Hitler. Then they found out he was Jewish.... READ ON
How Hitler's Volkswagen Beetle Conquered America
In the 1960s, the ugly little car became an international phenomenon—and changed advertising forever.... READ ON
Two Men Claim to Have Found a Missing Nazi Train Full of Treasure
But they're not revealing its location until the Polish government agrees to hand over a finder's fee.... READ ON
The Time the Allies Tried to Disarm Hitler With Female Sex Hormones
Adolf Hitler’s Last Day Alive
Big Question
Why Did the Nazis Hijack the Swastika?
Reader Scott from Vermont wrote to ask, “Why did the Nazis adopt the ancient sacred symbol of the swastika as their emblem?”... READ ON
Big Question
What Becomes of Bad Guys' Bodies?
It took more than two weeks after Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed to find a grave for his body.... READ ON

Three Men and a Baby was directed by Leonard Nimoy.

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