Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Ötzi the Iceman Probably Loved Bacon Too
His last meal was a dry-cured meat similar to speck or bacon, according to new analysis of his stomach contents.... READ ON
The 12-Year-Old Who Fought In the Civil War
By the time John Clem was discharged near the end of the war, he had not only seen active combat but had become a national folk hero as well.... READ ON
10 of History's Best Compliments
They range from heartfelt and historically significant to bold, backhanded, or bizarre.... READ ON
The Woman So Homesick She Walked From New York to Alaska
Originally from Russia, Alling wanted to return home but couldn't afford ship fare—so she started walking.... READ ON
The Delicious History of the White House Executive Chef
When it comes to culinary accomplishments, there’s no job more important than cooking for the president of the United States.... READ ON
The World's First Emergency Phone Number
More than six decades after Alexander Graham Bell's revolutionary invention, Londoners realized a telephone-based emergency response system might come in handy.... READ ON
The Female Jiu-Jitsu Crew That Defended Women's Rights
Had the police known there was barbed wire hidden in the floral arrangements, things might have gone a little differently.... READ ON
15 Things You Should Know About Ruth Bader Ginsburg
In honor of the Notorious RBG's 83rd birthday.... READ ON
12 Facts About Shirley Chisholm, The First African-American to Run For President
Shirley Chisholm led a revolutionary campaign as the first African-American to run for president for a major party.... READ ON
Nellie Bly, Rabblerouser and Pioneer of Investigative Journalism
Clever, gifted, and fearless, Bly inspired both journalistic and social change in the late 19th century.... READ ON
Marie Connolly Owens, America's First Female Police Officer
Sergeant No. 97 was detailed to the Board of Education, where she enforced child labor, truancy, and compulsory education laws.... READ ON
The Hidden Room Behind Mount Rushmore
Just behind Lincoln's hairline sits a massive chamber. What's inside may never be seen by human eyes again.... READ ON
The Top-Secret Inauguration of Rutherford B. Hayes
The March 5, 1877 inauguration of Hayes was merely for show. Though the public didn't know it, he was already their president.... READ ON
The Presidents
35 Fascinating Facts About Presidential Inaugurations Past
From drunk VPs to poisoned pigeons, anything can happen on Inauguration Day—and often does.... READ ON
Watch 112-Year-Old Footage of Teddy Roosevelt's Presidential Inauguration
Times change, but the pomp and circumstance stays the same.... READ ON
Ben Franklin’s First Print Job on Display at the University of Pennsylvania
It’s the only known copy of the print job that secured Franklin a full-time job in the professional printing industry he would later dominate.... READ ON

Omar Knedlik of Coffeyville, Kansas, invented the Icee (also called a Slurpee, Slush, or Mr. Misty) in the late 1950s. The first flavor he offered was root beer.

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