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Naked Juice Will Change Its Labels to Accurately Reflect Ingredients
The makeover was triggered by a lawsuit alleging that the drinks' packaging misled customers.... READ ON
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Here's How Long You're Contagious When You Have a Cold
Here's how to lower the chances of giving the mucus-glazed plague to someone else.... READ ON
New Study Finds No Link Between Childhood Cat Ownership and Psychosis
Contrary to prior reports, the new study found that living with a cat before birth or in childhood did not increase adolescents’ risk of experiencing psychotic episodes.... READ ON
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Average Life Expectancy Set to Break 90 in Parts of the World by 2030
But the U.S. continues to lag behind the rest of the globe.... READ ON
Brain Scans Show 4 Different Types of Depression
Knowing a patient’s subtype could help their doctor choose the best treatment.... READ ON
An Epilepsy Drug May Have Treatment Potential for Migraines
It may be helpful for migraines with aura.... READ ON
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Fat Freezing Could Be the New Botox
Fat reduction without injections or scalpels is catching on.... READ ON
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A UN Study Shows That Telecommuting Can Increase Stress Levels
It's hard to avoid blurring the lines between work and personal time.... READ ON
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7 Tips for Staying Informed Without Experiencing Media Burnout
Has the news cycle got you stressed? Here's how to take care of yourself without unplugging completely.... READ ON
How a Robotic Exoskeleton Is Helping a Paralyzed Acrobat Walk Again
Last year, former circus performer Silke Pan began doing something she never thought would be possible again: walk.... READ ON
12 Things You Might Not Know About Organ Donation
Only three in 1000 deaths are eligible for organ donation, though nearly 120,000 people are currently on transplant waiting lists.... READ ON
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How to Turn Your Yoga Practice Into a HIIT Session
All you need to do is kick up the pace a few notches.... READ ON
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How People Get Hurt in All 50 States
Look out for animals in Missouri.... READ ON
Science Explains Why Your Lab Is Always Hungry
A gene variant associated with appetite and obesity has been found in several Labrador retriever breeds.... READ ON
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Opening Your Car Door Like the Dutch Do Can Save Cyclists' Lives
The "Dutch Reach" forces drivers to check for incoming cyclists before a collision occurs.... READ ON
New Ultrasound Tech Captures Clearest Imaging Ever of a 20-Week-Old Fetus
A London-based fetal imaging research project is developing ways to screen for abnormalities earlier.... READ ON

In 1865, six-year-old Teddy Roosevelt watched Abraham Lincoln’s funeral procession in New York City.

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