Your Heartbeat Could One Day Be Your Password
A new encryption system uses each person’s unique cardiac rhythm as a password for electronic medical records.... READ ON
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Infographic: 10 Popular Health Myths, Debunked
Brushing your teeth after every meal might do more harm than good.... READ ON
Soft, Implantable Robots May Help Ailing Hearts
Researchers are developing implantable robots that could save the lives of heart failure patients.... READ ON
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10 Fitness Apps to Get You Moving and Motivated
You don’t need to rely on pricey classes and personal trainers to get fit this year, all you need is your phone and a little bit of motivation.... READ ON
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How Much Sugar Is in Your Pizza? Way More Than You'd Think
Added sugars are present in far more foods than you'd think. Photographer Antonio Rodríguez Estrada visualizes nutrition information in sugar cubes.... READ ON
How Talk Therapy Can Change Our Brains for the Better
The brains of study participants who used cognitive behavioral therapy showed strengthened connections in regions associated with social perception.... READ ON
This Robot Helper Is Designed to Keep Older People Company
Many seniors live alone, but a robot design called ElliQ wants to make sure they aren't lonely.... READ ON
Wearables May Be Able to Tell When You're Falling Ill
Smart devices can monitor our pulse rates, skin temperature, and other vitals, and notice when they're off.... READ ON
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Get Your Flu Shot Now—This Flu Season Will Likely Be Worse Than Last Year
Flu cases are on the rise, and the most common virus strain is a serious one.... READ ON
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Cotton Swabs Officially Declared Bad for Your Ears
Experts agree: Stop sticking things in your ears.... READ ON
Researchers Can Now Make Mosquitos Dengue Resistant
Mosquitos can be genetically engineered to make them less susceptible to the deadly virus, making them less likely to infect humans.... READ ON
The AI That's Learning to Diagnose Health Issues
Your doctor may soon be examining you with a cell phone instead of a stethoscope.... READ ON
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This Ingenious Snow Shovel Design Makes Clearing Your Driveway a Breeze
The Snow Wolf is designed to reduce your risk of injury while clearing your driveway.... READ ON
Can Mental Disorders Predict Physical Illnesses?
"The most substantial associations with physical diseases preceding mental disorders included those between heart diseases and anxiety disorders, epilepsy and eating disorders, and heart diseases and any mental disorder."... READ ON
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11 Kind, Free Things You Can Do for Yourself
Even the Energizer Bunny needs to recharge its batteries once in a while.... READ ON
Scientists Have Found a Possible Cause of Severe PMS
Dysfunctional gene expression may make some people hypersensitive to sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone.... READ ON

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