Scientists Can Measure Exactly How Much Pee Is in the Pool
And it's more than you'd hope.... READ ON
5 Gross-Out Games for Kids
Warning: Don't bring these out in front of polite company.... READ ON
Poop Emoji-Inspired Doughnuts Are Now a Thing
Yum?... READ ON
Doctors Find a Tiny Brain Growing Inside a Teenager's Ovary
Japanese surgeons spotted the teratoma while performing a routine appendectomy.... READ ON
Weird Science
Lots of People Are Missing Out on the Smell of Asparagus Pee
Researchers found a genetic clue to what they call “asparagus anosmia.”... READ ON
Alien ‘Dragon Boogers’ Are Clogging Californian Waters
They don't actually come from outer space, although they look like it.... READ ON
A Scientific Reason to Stop Peeing in the Pool
Think of the children (or yourself, if you don’t care about children).... READ ON
What’s in a Fecal Transplant?
The treatment supposedly works by adding healthy bacteria to a patient’s gut, but there’s a lot more in our poop than just bacteria.... READ ON
Who Cleaned Up the Carnage After Napoleon’s Battles?
Battlefield tidying during the Napoleonic Wars was a grim business—and we do mean business.... READ ON
What did I just watch?
How the Needle-Through-the-Arm Trick Works (ft. Harry Anderson)
The "Night Court" judge is also a great magician.... READ ON
See the Horned Lizard’s Bloody Defense Mechanism in Slo-Mo
If you can't beat 'em, squirt 'em.... READ ON
Giant Waste Lumps Called 'Fatbergs' Are Washing Up on the UK's Coast
The fatty lumps aren't just gross—they're also harmful to humans and animals alike.... READ ON
Mütter Museum Website Lets Visitors Get Up-Close and Personal with Medical Specimens
The online Memento Mütter exhibition allows intimate inspection of the museum’s collection of diseased faces, twisted bones, and terrifying surgical instruments.... READ ON
11 Gross Things That Could Be On Your Toothbrush
Before you brush today, consider this: Poop is just the beginning of what could possibly be hanging out on your toothbrush.... READ ON
Wear Deodorant? You Have More Armpit Bacteria Than Antiperspirant Users
It's not necessarily a bad thing.... READ ON
How To Drink Your Own Urine (Spoiler: It Involves Filtration)
Hey, let's pee in a science bag and then drink it!... READ ON

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