A Game of Thrones Fan Built a Revolving LEGO Replica of the Red Keep
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Harry Potter Bath Bomb Acts Like a Fizzy Sorting Hat
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Miss Cellania
10 Gloriously Geeky Quilts
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Video Games
Super Mario-Themed Airbnb Transports Guests to the Mushroom Kingdom
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$1.65 Million Chess Set Recreates Battle of Issus
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Watch Musicians Play the Harry Potter Theme on a Glass Goblet Harp
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Modern Problems
‘Nerdwax’ Keeps Your Glasses From Sliding Down Your Nose
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New York Farmer Creates Super Mario Bros.-Inspired Corn Maze
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Indulge Your Star Trek Obsession With a $10,000 Pinball Table
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Official Prop Replicas From The Force Awakens Can Now Be Yours
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Dogs who bark continuously can get laryngitis, just like humans, but not as quickly. Canine vocal cords are thicker and take longer to get irritated.

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