Keep Your Items Safe Underground With This Beach Vault
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This Smart Projector Can Play Netflix Right on Your Wall
Stream your favorite TV shows and movies right onto your wall with the Beam projector.... READ ON
This 300-Year-Old 'Detector Lock' Reveals an Intruder's Presence
English craftsman John Wilkes created the clever gadget, currently displayed in Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum.... READ ON
10 Smart and Fun Accessories That Help You Make the Most of Your Phone
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Clever Strainer Gets Rid of Food Debris Without You Having to Touch It
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Turn Your iPad Into a Typewriter With This Bluetooth Keyboard
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This $18,000 Machine Promises the Perfect Cup of Coffee
If you imbibe coffee by throwing back espresso shots or—heaven forbid—slurping vanilla caramel macchiatos through a straw, the Royal Coffee Maker "may not be for you."... READ ON
Handy Device Chills Your Beer in Just 60 Seconds
No more putting your cans in the freezer, forgetting about them, and having to clean up frozen beer slush.... READ ON
New Food Recycling Appliance Will Turn Scraps Into Fertilizer in 24 Hours
The creators of the Zera Food Recycler want to turn composting into a hands-free activity.... READ ON
Finally, a Toaster Tough Enough for Bacon
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7 CES Tech Innovations and What They Mean For You, the Humble Consumer
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Uncork Bottles Like a Cowboy With This Gun-Shaped Wine Opener
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This Mini Speaker May Be the World’s Most Compact Record Player
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This Origami-Inspired Measuring Spoon Folds to Four Different Sizes
Why clutter your kitchen drawers with four measuring spoons when you only need one?... READ ON
Introducing a Smartwatch That's Powered by Body Heat
The PowerWatch is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo.... READ ON
Perfect Your Baking Skills With Pinchable Measuring Spoons
Levoons promise to produce precise measurements every time.... READ ON

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