Finally, a Toaster Tough Enough for Bacon
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7 CES Tech Innovations and What They Mean For You, the Humble Consumer
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Uncork Bottles Like a Cowboy With This Gun-Shaped Wine Opener
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This Mini Speaker May Be the World’s Most Compact Record Player
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This Origami-Inspired Measuring Spoon Folds to Four Different Sizes
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Introducing a Smartwatch That's Powered by Body Heat
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Perfect Your Baking Skills With Pinchable Measuring Spoons
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This Smart Toaster Lets You Customize Your Breakfast
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Video Games
Mega Drive is Sega's Answer to Nintendo's Miniature NES
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Funky Coffeemaker Lets You Grow Mushrooms From Old Grounds
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Live Smarter
9 Father's Day Gifts Dads Will Actually Use
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'Classic' Record Cabinet Doubles as a Whiskey Bar
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Man Receives a Bionic Arm Inspired by a Popular Video Game
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This Wristband Measures Blood Alcohol Content Through Sweat
The device just received a $200,000 prize.... READ ON
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A Handy Device That Makes it Easy to Find Your Lost Phone
Knocki turns any surface into a remote control.... READ ON
17 Smart Products for Better Beach Trips
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The peacock is actually the name of the male peafowl. The female is called a peahen.

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