A Sparkling Subculture: The Japanese Art of Dekotora
The decorated trucks often cost millions of yen to create, but their proud owners say it's worth it.... READ ON
You Can Win Two Free Nights in Austin’s Human-Sized Birdhouse
Need a place to crash during SXSW? HomeAway wants to help.... READ ON
Apply for a Writer's Residence at the Mall of America
You'll spend five days inside the nation's biggest mall, and be paid handsomely for it.... READ ON
New York's Golden Girls-Themed Cafe Is Finally Here
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8 Times Cats Interrupted Things
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Spy in the Wild Blooper Reel Features Adorable Filming Fails
Nature is unpredictable, and occasionally funny.... READ ON
6 Finnish Terms You'll Want to Use in English, in Emoji Form
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Inside Canada's Annual International Hair Freezing Contest
At the Sourdough Rendezvous festival in Whitehorse, icy locks are the ultimate bizarre fashion statement.... READ ON
North Carolina Man Charged with Stealing 1000-Pound Chicken Statue
A birthday present from a poultry farmer to his wife, the statue mysteriously disappeared overnight.... READ ON
Designer Turns Her Grandparents' World War II-Era Love Letters Into Jewelry
Talk about heirloom pieces.... READ ON
Everyone on Earth Could Live in a Single Building—In Theory
It would need to be 4400 feet tall, though.... READ ON
Can You Spot the Heart Among These Snails?
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Judge Rules That the Snuggie Is a Blanket, Not a Garment
An age-old debate has been settled.... READ ON
Send That Special Bibliophile a Valentine’s Day Message
The New York Public Library wants to play matchmaker for book lovers.... READ ON
The Queen Wants to Pay You to Tweet on Her Behalf
We’re looking forward to hearing her thoughts on the new season of ‘Game of Thrones.’... READ ON
9 Nostalgic Facts About Chia Pets
Learn how the terracotta figurines made their way from Mexico to your kitchen windowsill.... READ ON

Romance novelist Barbara Cartland was Princess Diana's step-grandmother.

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