Scientists Have Discovered Four New (Very Tiny) Night Frogs
Seven new frog species were discovered in all.... READ ON
"Reversible" Spit Helps Frogs Nab Their Prey
The saliva’s variable viscosity keeps the frog’s meal secured to its bungee cord–like tongue.... READ ON
This Teeny Frog Makes Its Own Insect Repellent
The Amazonian amphibian produces a chemical camouflage that renders it invisible to its aggressive ant neighbors.... READ ON
Good News: One Endangered Frog Species Is Bouncing Back
Numbers of Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frogs are on the rise again in Yosemite National Park.... READ ON
Can a New 'Vaccine' Stem the Frog Apocalypse?
Scientists are saving endangered frogs in California.... READ ON
More Testosterone Means More Foot Wiggling for These Frogs
Bornean rock frogs use visual “foot flags” to ward off rivals in their noisy environment.... READ ON
These Frogs Have Developed a Resistance to Killer Fungus
Some populations of lowland leopard frogs in Arizona have gene variants that protect them from a deadly fungal disease.... READ ON
Hawaii's Big Island Is Overrun With Loud Frogs From Puerto Rico
Hawaii’s Big Island is overrun with a very tiny—and very loud—frog.... READ ON
This Frog Escapes Danger by Running Toward It
Sometimes the best, or even only, solution to a problem is a counterintuitive one.... READ ON
Architect Creates a Living, Breathing Wall Full of Frogs
The ecosystem encased in a glass wall gives off air, light, and weirdness.... READ ON
7 Animals With Grand Mythological Names
Like proud parents, scientists often give their discoveries the biggest, most impressive names they can think of.... READ ON
Big Question
What the Difference Between Venom and Poison?
It’s all about how it enters the body.... READ ON
Venomous Frogs Have Poison Spikes on Their Faces
They’re the first frogs discovered to be venomous, not poisonous.... READ ON
Pretty Pictures
12 Facts and Photos of Bright, Beautiful Amphibians
Frogs Eat with Their Eyes—Literally
Frogs Use Storm Drains for Better Mating Calls
As humans take up ever more space and urbanize the untamed wilderness, the animals that call these places home have a tough choice to make: move on to someplace else or adapt to their new surroundings.... READ ON

Olympus Mons is the tallest volcanic mountain in our solar system. It is 14 miles in height!

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