founding fathers
12 Favorite Haunts of the Founding Fathers You Can Still Visit Today
Grab a beer at Philadelphia's City Tavern, just like George Washington.... READ ON
Ben Franklin’s First Print Job on Display at the University of Pennsylvania
It’s the only known copy of the print job that secured Franklin a full-time job in the professional printing industry he would later dominate.... READ ON
The Other Hamilton Broadway Show Premiered 100 Years Ago
Tickets were slightly easier to come by.... READ ON
The Time Ben Franklin Casually Invented a Form of Kitesurfing
The Founding Father's other kite invention was extreme in its own right.... READ ON
7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Revolutionary War
Remember that time George Washington returned a dog he found on a battlefield back to its British owner? Neither did we.... READ ON
18th Century Men Wore Dresses Called Banyans
The flowing dresses signified education, refinement, and leisure.... READ ON
John and Abigail Adams: America's First Power Couple
The Adamses set the tone for generations of American political celebrity pairs to come.... READ ON
12 of George Washington's Rules of Civility That Still Apply
Though some of the founding father’s rules are in need of a fresh coat of paint for modern life, these 12 are as appropriate as ever.... READ ON
Betsy Ross Probably Didn't Sew the First Flag
In honor of Flag Day, we thought it was time you knew the truth.... READ ON
The Presidents
George Washington’s Favorite Parasite
The Time Ben Franklin and John Adams Shared a Bed
Even founding fathers had to bunk with one another on occasion.... READ ON

The Statue of Liberty was named "Liberty Enlightening the World" by its sculptor Frederic Bartholdi, who fashioned the statue's likeness after his mother.

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