Stones, Bones & Wrecks
'Whistling' Bullets Uncovered From Ancient Roman Battlefield
Archaeologists believe they were meant to intimidate the enemy.... READ ON
UK Man Orders Kindle, Receives Tumor Specimen Instead
Due to a FedEx mixup, the package—intended for a London hospital—was delivered to his doorstep.... READ ON
There's a New F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story You Can Read
The previously unpublished story from the author's archives appears in the current issue of The Strand.... READ ON
Help Solve the Mystery of This 54-Year-Old Letter
The Reddit hive mind is at work to solve a new mystery and may need your help.... READ ON
10 Cases of Mistaken Mail Deliveries
Everyone loves getting packages in the mail—assuming it’s what they ordered. But occasionally, delivery services make mistakes, and depending on what gets misdelivered, the results can run from mildly amusing to straight up catastrophic.... READ ON
20 Recyclable Objects That Might Surprise You
Lithophones - Instruments Made of Fossils, Floor Tiles, and More
Musician, artist, and "edutainer" Tom Kaufmann makes unique instruments called lithophones, which are similar to xylophones, but created from various stones. Here's how Kaufmann describes them: Another happy coincidence led me to my current fascination with constructing lithophones. I was tossing around some scrap pieces of granite countertop that I’d gotten for one of my Upright Furniture projects, and as one of the chunks landed, it rang as clear as a bell. I’d been looking for stone... READ ON
Secrets of The Legend of Zelda Prototype
Last Christmas, a surprise popped up online: a prototype of The Legend of Zelda, the iconic Nintendo game. Some changes are what you'd expect for a game that hadn't hit the market yet: the early version has some bugs, different music, and many areas are designed differently. But what's most interesting about the prototype is that it's significantly easier than the version that shipped. It's easier to get money (rupees!), there are fewer enemies, and the famous line "It's a secret to everybody!" was... READ ON
OOPS: Cameras Being Dropped, Lost, and Tossed
oops is a short film featuring YouTube clips of cameras being dropped, submerged, thrown, or otherwise lost -- mostly by accident. Director Chris Beckman does a great job of stitching together the clips in sequence, so they lead into each other. Without context, the film becomes strangely personal, as many of the clips show people just hanging out around the house...or the pool...or the trampoline. And you usually get to hear how upset the videographers become once their camera is dropped. It's ten... READ ON
Niche Blogs: Found Photos Edition
When I posted A Sampling of Niche Blogs last month, people responded positively and said they liked finding new blogs on very specific subjects. Well, there is no lack of variety on the internet, so here are some more niche blogs you might enjoy that feature found... READ ON
Time Lapse: 5 Years of Graffiti in 2 Minutes
The video below, by Arnaud Jourdain, is a time lapse animation showing five years' worth of graffiti at 5a Rue de Verneuil in Paris. By shooting thousands of high-resolution photos over a period of years, the filmmakers were able to reconstruct the graffiti process and even separate out layers of graffiti, creating an impressive 3D effect, seeming to fly through exploded layers. It's really neat. After the jump, check out the Google auto-translation in English (actually pretty decent) of the French... READ ON
7 (More) Outrageous Items Spotted at the 99¢ Only Store
As long as the 99¢ Only Store continues to restock its shelves with bizarre merchandise, this post will continue to be a once-a-year feature. If you missed last year's, take a stroll over here. However, this year's finds are far superior and far more bizarre. Take, for example, exhibit... READ ON
Chat Via Bottled Messages: Distant Shore for iPhone
Distant Shore ($0.99, iPhone/iPod Touch) is a profoundly weird application. Is it a game? Is it a chat client? Is it a kind of wish-maker? Well, it's all of these. Let me explain. Last fall, budding iPhone development powerhouse The Blimp Pilots released Koi Pond, a pond simulator with interactive digital fish. Unexpectedly, it shot to the number 1 spot on the iTunes App Store. A pond simulator as the top iPhone app? Indeed. It was one heck of a pond simulator -- with realistic, soothing water... READ ON
Twitter from 1937
Blogger David Griner recently came across a "line-a-day" diary kept by his great aunt from 1937 through 1941. Griner's great aunt (Genny Spencer) kept the diary during her early teens, while she lived on a farm in rural Illinois. The entries in the diary are all very brief -- one line a day -- which caused Griner's sister to observe, "This is the Twitter of the 1930s." A bit of planning and programming ensued, and now we've got it -- a day-by-day Twitterstream of entries from more than seventy years... READ ON
What's in Your Car?
With the holiday driving season upon us, many Americans will be taking to the road for long trips this weekend. I'll be heading up to Seattle (only about a three-hour drive), but I'm already planning everything: I'll be carrying core beverages, backup beverages, a selection of audiobooks, a pile of outdated maps, and of course a trunk full of weird junk that might be used in case of emergency (an unopened AAA "Emergency Kit," a squeegee on a stick, oil, a lot of bungee cables, an expired Washington... READ ON
The Incredible World of Navel Fluff
Graham Barker of Perth, Western Australia, is a navel fluff enthusiast. Navel fluff, you ask? Yes, it's that lint that accumulates in the belly button, discovered only during moments of deep self-reflection, and often leading to difficult questions like, "Why is it blue?" and "Is this much fluff normal?" and finally "Why am I even thinking about this?" Well, Barker has made a twenty-year hobby of collecting, studying, and cataloguing his fluff, and his navel fluff collection is truly a thing to behold.... READ ON

Engineers have mimicked the small bumps and waxy covering from a small desert beetle to increase the efficiency of the nets that are used to collect water from the air in 22 countries.

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